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‘SEAL Team’ Star Judd Lormand Realized Impact of Show During Meeting with Veterans

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: screengrab/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On “SEAL Team,” the actors take great care in portraying active-duty servicemembers. A lot of them have stated that they get inspiration from the real-life veterans who they consult on the show. The same goes for Eric Blackburn actor Judd Lormand.

When asked if there was a moment that he realized the “magnitude of the project,” Lormand replied, “It was during our pilot. I was talking with two of our consultants, both of these guys served as operators in different aspects of the military. I was talking to them in New Orleans, and I realized one of them had a massive injury, very visible, to his left arm from war. Then, the other guy had a very similar massive, visible injury to his right arm.”

By consulting with actual war veterans, the actors on the show get to see firsthand the results and consequences of wartime military service. Lormand continued, “That was one of the first things that really touched me. We’re playing these guys that do this. They’re here to help us get it right, but seeing the long-lasting effects if you make it out alive, seeing that first-hand was a gulp moment.”

‘SEAL Team’: Judd Lormand Describes What it Was Like Meeting Veterans

Lormand also explained that the cast does a lot of meet-ups with military members not connected with the show’s cast or crew. “It’s been a huge learning experience for me and has changed my perspective a lot,” said Lormand. “When I got to meet the gold star wives, who are wives who have lost their husbands in combat, it was such an emotional visit. Even prior to SEAL Team, I’ve always had the utmost respect for our troops, but this brought it to a new level.”

He had some poignant words to say about meeting with veterans, saying, “I’ve always been one to go up to our troops and thank them for their services, but I think a lot of the time we forget it’s not just the man or woman that serves, it’s their family too. It’s the ones they’re leaving behind. I can’t even imagine how excruciatingly difficult it must be for the spouses and their kids. That was a huge eye-opener for me. I’ll never look at that the same way again.”

“SEAL Team” does a great job of portraying those difficult, real life aspects, while also keeping the drama of a TV show. It balances those elements well, which is what keeps it entertaining. “SEAL Team” prides itself on being more than just your average military drama that likes to break the rules. “SEAL Team” follows the rules, but for the entertainment element, it also creates its own.