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‘SEAL Team’ Major Character Season 5 Comeback Confirmed

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

For all of you “SEAL Team” fans out there, a major character that has been a part of the show previously is coming back.

Judd Lormand, who plays Eric Blackburn, will be appearing in the first show of this new season. The news about the show that’ll now be airing on Paramount+ and not on CBS was part of an article from the British newspaper Express.

Blackburn is a Navy SEAL and was Commanding Officer of Bravo Team through the show’s first four seasons. Last season, Blackburn received a promotion to the role of Commander assigned as Executive Officer of DEVGRU.

‘SEAL Team’ Star’s Reported Appearance Numbers Remain Up In Air

But the number of “SEAL Team” appearances Lormand had as Blackburn was reduced. This led fans to speculate whether or not the character would make the move to Paramount+ along with the show.

How much will Lormand be on the show is still up in the air. It is not known if he will be back as a regular or recurring character.

While CBS has remained quiet about Blackburn’s return, TVLine was able to get confirmation about the character coming back.

“SEAL Team” fans, though, will have to find their show now on Paramount+. Another one of the show’s main stars views the show move in a positive light.

David Boreanaz Believes Shift In Networks Makes Show Better

The news that “SEAL Team” is moving to Paramount+ is allowing for a darker, better show, according to David Boreanaz. 

Boreanaz, in a May 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, talked about how this move, as he views it, puts the show’s cast and crew in the game.

“Look at Amazon. Look at Netflix,” he said. “[Look at] their success of their shows and what you cannot do on network television.”

Boreanaz said there were standards and practices that had to be followed while on CBS. Now, it’s a different game because “SEAL Team” didn’t always want those around.

“It sometimes was a frustrating place to be,” the “SEAL Team” star said. “Because we really want to be honest and trustful with these episodes. [The move] allows us to go darker.”

Show’s Actor Looking Forward To Fifth Season, First on Paramount+

Boreanaz knows there is more to the move to Paramount+ than an ability to curse.

“I’ve been in network TV for over 20 years and now I can drop the F-bomb?” he said. “But it’s not about dropping the F-bomb. You have to earn those moments.”

One of this show’s stars is really looking forward to the fifth season. “We can really go there now, and that’s going to be interesting, really,” Boreanaz said. “I’m excited about it.”

Boreanaz admitted there’s stress when wondering if “SEAL Team” would be renewed for another season