‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot and His Adorable Sons Hold a Fishing Catch in Photo: ‘Making Memories’

by Samantha Whidden

Taking a break from the set of his hit series SEAL Team, Max Thieriot posted a super adorable snapshot of him spending time with his family over the weekend. 

“Making memories in the outdoors! Our little family sure loves spending time in the mountains,” the SEAL Team star writes in the post. 

Thieriot is currently preparing for the fifth season of SEAL Team to premiere on October 10th. The series has been moved from CBS to Paramount+ for the upcoming season. Thieriot stars alongside David Boreanaz, Jessica Pare, Neil Brown Jr., and A.J. Buckley on the military drama. 

Thieriot Talks Directing ‘SEAL Team’ 

During a recent interview with Carter Matt, Thieriot opened up about directing an episode of the military drama. “I love directing SEAL Team. It’s great working with a lot of people that I know,” Thieriot stated. He also shared that the hardest thing about directing for him is knowing that the storyline isn’t his idea.

SEAL Team’s not my show and you’re executing someone else’s vision. What you’re trying to do is elevate the material and execute the best version,” Thieriot further explained. 

He does admit there were some issues directing. “Because of the pandemic, we were forced to tighten our season up on the back end. There were a lot of things we wanted to get across and get done that we had to eat up in a short period of time.”

But Thieriot is remaining optimistic about directing SEAL Team. “That’s always challenging, right? You can’t play these things over two episodes. So I had to find a way to squeeze them into one and then tell the beginning of a deployment.”

In regards to a potential directing career, SEAL Team’s Thieriot shared he eventually wants to get into directing film and other projects that he created himself. “It’s more a reflection of me and my vision. At the same time, this is so much fun. It’s a lot of and I’m getting to push myself creatively.”

Thieriot Shared Details About His ‘SEAL Team’ Character Clay

Also during his interview, Thieriot discusses what his SEAL Team character, Clay, is up to. “Clay’s always been one of the SEALs who was naturally gifted. In his mind, he always wanted to take that and do better.”

Thieriot then shared that Clay is trying to figure out to do operate on the SEAL Team while still having a family at home. “Just when he thought that a guy like Ray was able to have it all together, he’s realizing that he can’t do it either. If he can’t do it, who can?”