‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Detailed the Greatest Physical Challenge Cast Had to Go Through to Start Show

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

It’s definitely not easy to become a Navy SEAL. And according to SEAL Team actor Max Thieriot, it’s not easy to portray one on TV either.

Max Thieriot has made a name for himself as an actor in the 20th century. He made his acting debut in Catch That Kid — a 2004 adventure comedy film. But you may also recognize him from The Pacifier, Nancy Drew, Jumper, My Soul to Take, Chloe, Disconnect, House at the End of the Street, and Point Break. More recently, he also appeared in Bates Motel and Texas Rising.

However, in 2017 Thieriot began playing Navy SEAL Clay Spenser in the CBS show SEAL Team. And out of all of the acting gigs he has had up to this point, nothing quite compares to the physical challenges he’s seen on this show. He sat down for an interview with Seat42F back in 2017 to talk about just that. He described the most physically challenging thing he’s had to do since joining the show.

“The course that we ran the other day was super challenging,” he said. “The rope climb wasn’t too bad. We ended up going the rope wall like twenty feet, not like twelve. We did the full course probably like four or five times, so I was really tired after going through it that many times.”

‘Seal Team’ Star Says He Was Looking for a More Physical Role

Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for in life. And that was the case for SEAL Team star Max Thieriot. He has played a variety of different roles so far during his acting career. But as we mentioned above, none of them have been quite as physical as his role on SEAL Team.

Then again, that all kind of makes sense. Being a Navy SEAL in real life is without a doubt one of the most physically grueling things a person could do. But Thieriot says he went out looking for a more physical role. And let us be the first to say — he found one. He explained how this new role would “check off” yet another box for him as an actor.

“Yeah, definitely. I was definitely considering more physical,” Thieriot admitted. “So this kind of checked off all of those boxes.”

After he met with a few of the creators and producers for the show, Thieriot had a good idea of what he’d be asked to do. And he was all in.

“I met with Chris [Chulack] and Sarah [Timberman] and Ben [Cavell], and was just super excited after talking with them about the project and where they sort of felt like it was gonna go, and where my character was gonna go. Yeah.”

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