‘SEAL Team’ Movie Starring David Boreanaz in the Works at Paramount+

by Lauren Boisvert

Big news for “SEAL Team’ fans; apparently, Paramount+ has green-lit a bunch of new projects, and one of those is a “SEAL Team” movie. This, and season 6? We’re definitely getting spoiled.

David Boreanaz will return for the movie, along with executive producers Christopher Chulack and Spencer Hudnut. There’s no telling what the movie will be about at this stage, only that it’s going to “expand the storytelling universe,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The shift to Paramount+ definitely expanded the storytelling already; fans are loving the darker, grittier feel “SEAL Team” has developed with the streaming service. Nothing is off limits in terms of story. The writers are delving deeper into the characters’ psyches and exploring their trauma from so many years in the field.

This season definitely focused on Jason Hayes the repercussions that come with a long military career. “SEAL Team” did a great job exploring his brain injury, and how it affected his daily life. The show took him to the very edge, but pulled him back at the last second; that’s just good storytelling. What could they possibly put him and the team through this next season? Things are going to definitely get worse before they get better, what with that literally explosive finale. We currently don’t know who lives and who dies, and the “SEAL Team” stars are being tight lipped about it.

I predict a movie will really give “SEAL Team” a chance to expand on its characters and storylines already in play. Or, it could go the prequel route and show us the early days of Bravo. There’s only speculation for the moment, as Paramount+ and the “SEAL Team” execs haven’t released any story details. Whatever happens, we know we’re in good hands with the “SEAL Team” writers; they always deliver, after all.

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Talks About Jason and Mandy’s Future

One question that’s on my mind about the movie and season 6, is will Mandy return? Recently, Jason tried to push her away, and then the two reconciled a bit. Jason admitted that he wanted something serious with her; he apologized for how he left things, and said he needed to be honest. But, are they going to explore a more serious relationship in the new season?

David Boreanaz spoke with TV Insider after the finale about Jason’s relationship with Mandy, and how happiness translates for him. “It’s such a struggle to really define happiness for this guy in a way,” he said. When asked about Mandy and Jason’s chances, he replied, “It’s very interesting with this character, how he can be so all in. And then all of a sudden, just get blown up really fast, right? And like, hey, well, this is your job. This is my job. This is what I’m doing, and it’s a big sacrifice and the stakes are extremely high here. So for these characters, it wears on their minds.”