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‘SEAL Team’ May Be Moving Off of CBS Airwaves: What to Know

by Jennifer Shea
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

“SEAL Team” and “Clarice” are in the same boat. The two shows are both produced by CBS Studios. And both are in talks to leave CBS for Paramount+ next season.

Paramount+ is ViacomCBS’s streaming service, and it’s still striving to fill out its catalog of programming. Executives may believe the addition of the two dramas will persuade audiences to subscribe to the service, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As for “SEAL Team” in particular, sources told THR that the show might launch its next season with a handful of episodes on CBS in the autumn, then switch over to Paramount+ for the rest of its season.

The CBS drama has been on the air for four seasons. Its current viewership average is around 6.5 million viewers. The show stars David Boreanaz of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame. And it tells the story of a Navy SEAL unit tackling dangerous missions around the world.

‘SEAL Team’ Stands a Decent Chance of Renewal

While “SEAL Team” has yet to be officially renewed, the show is very well-liked by CBS executives, Deadline reports. It also has a dedicated fanbase.

However, because CBS Studios produces the show, it has to pick up the entire tab for the show’s creation. And it’s a pricey one.

The ideal tradeoff for CBS executives would reportedly be to let the show run for one more season. That would allow them to get 100 episodes, which would make the show’s library more valuable for streaming sales. And that in turn could help CBS Studios recoup some costs or maybe even turn a profit.

Based on the talk about plans to move “SEAL Team” over to Paramount+ next season, it now seems likely the show will get renewed for at least one more season.

Boreanaz Proud to Be Part of Show That Features Real Veterans

In an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” last summer, in which Boreanaz hilariously lost the sound on his computer, the “SEAL Team” star explained that the show springs from the real experiences of Navy SEAL operators who had multiple deployments.

“It’s doing fantastic,” Boreanaz said of the show. “We actually are fortunate to get picked up for a fourth season. We were in the middle of shooting and we got shut down [by the pandemic], obviously, as a lot of people did. So, it’s doing great.”

“I’m very humbled to do a show like this,” Boreanaz added. “Because we hire real veterans, and we’re really so proud of that. So the show is doing great, we’re having a great time, we’re looking forward to coming back.”

Boreanaz said that they hoped to restart shooting the show in early August of 2020. And hopefully the show’s cast and crew will know sometime before this summer if they’ve been picked up for another season.

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