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‘SEAL Team’: Ray Perry Actor Neil Brown Jr. Opened Up on Being Raised by a Marine

by Matthew Memrick
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Actor Neil Brown Jr. can draw on his dad’s experiences for inspiration in playing a marine on the CBS show “SEAL Team.”

Brown Jr., who plays Ray Perry in the series, told a CBS interviewer recently that he got an excellent foundation for his TV role from his Marine dad. The actor said his dad “gave me the ability to really learn from these guys (Marines).

The actor told one interviewer that he’s essentially “playing his father” on TV. Brown Jr. also said his dad was “his hero.”

That’s the best, free source of help any actor playing a Seal could get.

Brown Jr. Benefitted Greatly From Dad’s Service

The 41-year-old actor said his dad “always told it like it was” and had a sense of duty when it came to serving his country.

Does Brown Jr. get some pointers from his dad for the show? Maybe a few in a loving, joking manner.

Brown Jr. said his dad’s comments are usually, “you guys aren’t doing it the way I did it,” and “I guess you’re doing it ok.” 

He said Cornelius Brown has also “offered to come down to the set” and “show everyone how it’s done.”

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Gets Help From Experienced Marines, Too

The actor said he learned from real-life Marines Tyler Brady and Scott Box and several other veterans who work behind the scenes on the set.

Brown Jr. said there’s a total team effort in the actors getting help on the show. He said the men “inspire you to want to get it right, and then the special operators like Tyler and those guys (also) show you how to get it right.”

Brown Jr. said he was so particular about this acting on the show that he would not stand a certain way unless Tyler told him.

The former marines Brown Jr. said were “willing to go through it with you and tell you the mentality and how to look and move.”

The specific actions of SEALS are essential to get right for searches or during combat scenes, Brown Jr. said.

Overall, Brown Jr. said he and the cast “have a wealth of information” to draw from in their acting approaches. He said the cast is “blessed to have the (former marines) and to represent them (on-screen).” 

Fun Times On The “SEAL Team” Set

Last month, “SEAL Team” stars David Boreanaz and Brown Jr. had some fun with a behind-the-scenes look at the fun that goes on with the show.

Brown Jr. is the one featured in an Instagram clip with Boreanaz filming. Both men banter about who broke a car seat during an action sequence, and Brown shows off some fine acting and lawyering when he tries to pin it on his co-star. 

The actor concludes that Boreanaz broke the seat with his more oversized frame, and we’re all there just for the laughs.