‘SEAL Team’ Showrunner Reveals Clay and Stella’s Honeymoon Will Have a ‘Good Interruption’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the latest episode of SEAL Team’s fifth season, the hit series’ showrunner, Spencer Hudnut, reveals what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes. 

During a recent interview with TV Line, the SEAL Team showrunner discussed Clay and Stella’s honeymoon. “When we find them, they’re very excited to be getting away on their honeymoon that they’ve delayed for three months, and they have the world’s greatest honeymoon plan which they’re super excited for — but of course, because it’s SEAL Team, that’s going to be interrupted.”

But, rest assured fans, Hudnut said that the SEAL Team characters will have a “good” interruption. Hudnut also discussed whether or not the SEAL Team crew may bring in someone for Clay to mentor.

“You know, we’ve talked about that, and I think because of the nature of this season, once the ball gets rolling it’s a really propulsive ride, and it just didn’t present itself to be done in an organic way that could really serve that character and help the team.”

In regards to any new characters in the season, Hudnut said that a part of Ray’s story is going to be confronting the homeless veteran crisis. This means the show will be introducing a new character who is going to have a big impact. “We’re also going to bring back some familiar faces in Clay’s life.”

‘SEAL Team’ Showrunner Talks Move to Paramount+ 

Also during his interview with TV Line, Hudnut revealed how the SEAL Team crew is going to transition to Paramount+ following the season’s fourth episode. “The last episode [on CBS] finds out team singing up to react to the massive casualty terrorist attack in Africa,” Hudnut explained. He also said the episode sort of echoes what happened in Afghanistan 20 years ago. 

Hudnut then reveals that the SEAL Team goes off on a mission, but there’s a big cliffhanger at the end of the peroxide that will “speak to the fact” that not only is the team going off on a mission unlike any other mission, but that mission will also include some personal elements. “We’re going to go out [on CBS] with a bang for sure. And start [on Paramound+] with an even a bigger bang.”

Hudnut also noted that while SEAL TEAM is still a show, being on Paramount+ gives the crew an opportunity to make it a little “grittier” and “authentic” in terms of the team members.

“If you’re a fan of SEAL Team, it’s going to be the same show, but there are some things that we’re taking advantage of now that we don’t have the broadcast standards.”

In regards to adding some curse words into the show, Hudnut added, “You know, I did just write the first f-bomb on the show, and it felt exhilarating.”