‘SEAL Team’ Showrunner Reveals How Jason Hayes Is ‘Becoming an Even Better’ Leader

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

During a recent interview, SEAL Team showrunner Spencer Hudnut opened up about character Jason Hayes’ leadership development as the new season approaches.

Later this weekend on Sunday night, Season 5 of SEAL Team will air on CBS at 10 p.m. EST. Fans of the hit drama were left with plenty to ponder as Season 4 came to an end. Bravo Team suffered a tragic loss while also realizing that Ray’s time in captivity while being tortured impacted him far more than anyone could have known.

However, there were some positives leftover from the Season 4 finale. At the end of last season, Clay and Stella got married and Sonny is now a first-time father. Recently, Spencer Hudnut sat down for a Q&A session with TVLine. While speaking with the entertainment outlet, he discussed the new season at length. He said the show would be welcoming some new faces and bringing back some familiar faces as well.

Hudnut also spoke about SEAL Team‘s storyline, which will see Bravo Team return to Afghanistan about halfway through Season 5. In addition, the showrunner spoke about fan favorite character Jason Hayes who is played by actor David Boreanaz. He said that Hayes really worked on himself during Season 4’s storylines. Hudnut added that it’s made the character more of an “all-around leader,” which benefits everyone on Bravo Team.

“I would say, ironically, that Jason is probably in the most stable place, because of all the work he did on himself last year. He is becoming an even better, all-around leader, more of a sheep dog inside the wire and outside the wire. He’s kind of more Obi-Wan than Luke Skywalker now, but he’s in a good place,” the SEAL Team showrunner explained.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor David Boreanaz Reveals How Often He Does His Own Stunts

A few years back, Jason Hayes actor David Boreanaz spoke about doing his own stunts on SEAL Team. While one would think he’d leave many of the dangerous stunts on the hit drama to a stunt double, that doesn’t seem to be the case. When it comes to filming action-packed scenes, Boreanaz is personally doing a majority of his stunts on film himself.

“I do a lot of it,” Boreanaz told Collider in 2018. “My body doesn’t respond and recover the way it used to, but I do 95 percent of it.”

The actor picks up frequent knocks and bruises that leave him sore and limping at times. As Boreanaz mentioned, his body doesn’t recover quite as well as it used to. But he seems to love it.

“War wounds are good (in the show’s production),” Boreanaz said. 

Yet there’s still that five percent of the stunts that he leaves to the professional stuntmen on set. He recalled SEAL Team‘s pilot episode when a scene called for his character to jump off a boat’s bow onto a cargo ship. The show used a stuntman, but Boreanaz wanted to do it himself before the idea was shut down.

“‘No, dude, you’ll break your neck with your helmet on!'” Boreanaz recalled a stunt person saying to him.