‘Seal Team’ Showrunner Reveals Time Jump in Beginning of Season Five

by Michael Freeman
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The last season of SEAL Team was a wild ride. The team experienced a loss, Ray Perry reflected on being tortured, and so much more happened. Thanks to one of the franchise’s showrunners, we know a bit more about the season 5 premiere tonight, such as how long the time skip is.

Speaking to TV Line a few days ago, Spencer Hudnut fielded numerous questions about real-life events, writing for the characters, and what to expect this season. For instance, he informed viewers three months passed between seasons four and five. TV Line followed up on the question, asking who was in a different place compared to last season.

“I would say, ironically, that Jason is probably in the most stable place, because of all the work he did on himself last year. He is becoming an even better, all-around leader, more of a sheep dog inside the wire and outside the wire. He’s kind of more Obi-Wan than Luke Skywalker now, but he’s in a good place.”

The Star Wars comparison is an interesting one and gives a good look at what we should expect from Jason. Hudnut then touches up on other characters.

“As for Sonny, as a parent, as a dad, that’s new ground for him…. Clay is now married and taking on more responsibility within the team…. And Ray over those three months certainly has had a lot to work on,” Hudnut explained. “He and Naima took baby steps to repairing things, but he certainly had a long ways to go when we last saw him.”

Though many questions still need answering, we now have a better idea of what we’ll be seeing soon. SEAL Team season 5 premieres tonight at 10/9 central on CBS.

New ‘SEAL Team’ Character in Season 5 Addresses Homeless Veteran Crisis

Though SEAL Team is a fictional show, many of its subjects have real-world applications. In the same TV Line interview, Hudnut said a new character will address our country’s homeless veteran crisis.

To say Ray Perry experienced a lot last season is putting it lightly. Hudnut states Perry’s character arc goes in a new direction. “A part of Ray’s story this year is going to be confronting the homeless veteran crisis, so we’re going to be introducing a character there who is going to have a big impact on the show. We’re also going to be bringing back some familiar faces in Clay’s life.”

Hudnut expands by saying this season, Perry will be more introspective. “We dragged Ray through so many things over the last few seasons that I think this is really a season for him to work on himself, and to also confront his own time.” Concluding Ray experienced so much during his 18 years in the war, he says the veteran will finally look beyond carrying a rifle.