‘SEAL Team’ Special Operations Expert Reveals Advice He Gave to Cast About Portraying Navy Seals

by Taylor Cunningham

Tyler Grey plays Trent Sawyer on CBS’s SEAL Team. But he’s more than just an actor for the military drama. He’s also a producer and special operations expert who’s tasked with ensuring the show portrays a true depiction of what it’s like to be a Navy Seal.

Grey learned about being a soldier when he served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion, as a sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent nearly three decades in service, and Grey said the military was his life. But he was medically discharged in 2005 after he almost lost his right arm in an air raid. His arm healed, but his time with the rangers was over.

He moved on to Hollywood, where he began working as a military advisor. And from there, he landed a gig with SEAL Team. On the set, he works alongside four full-time advisors.

Over the past four seasons, he’s been giving his castmates pointers on being a Seal. And his main bit of advice is that being a member of the elite team is a soldier’s entire identity.

“An interesting thing we haven’t said out loud on the show,” he told CBS.com, “is that in this world, there’s no separation of the job from life. The job is your life.”

He also mentioned that it takes a certain type of person to be a soldier. And to keep the right perspective, the SEAL Team actors need to understand that.

 “If part of me wasn’t crazy, I wouldn’t [have done] this job,” he said referring to his time in uniform.

When asked why he decided to become a Hollywood advisor, Grey said, “All we can do is try and be there, try and educate Hollywood, and through Hollywood hopefully educate the public and the whole nation as to a more realistic and authentic portrayal of who we are as a community. That’s my intent.”

‘SEAL Team’ Season 5: What’s Ahead

CBS’s SEAL Team season five kicks off on October 10th, and TVline recently answered a question about what’s in store for the Bravo team.

SEAL Team is a prime-time military drama that follows an elite group of Navy Seals. And since the writers have sent them Afghanistan in many episodes, some fans want to know if the show would cover President Joe Biden’s decision to send troops back to the Middle Eastern country.

TVline’s Matt Webb Mitovich responded to a fan when they asked if SEALTeam would address the current situation in Afghanistan. In short, the show will not be writing current events into the script—at least not yet.

Mitovich wrote, “I am told that the team’s first Season 5 mission will take them to a completely different part of the world.” 

However, the producers did not say where the season will take the team in later episodes.