‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz ‘Can’t Put Into Words’ What It Meant Filming 9/11 Remembrance Scene

by Michael Freeman
Photo: screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

September 11 means something different to everyone, but it always serves as a day of remembrance. SEAL Team actor David Boreanaz recently reflected on the show’s scene of it, saying he “can’t put into words” what it meant to him.

Taking to Instagram, Boreanaz posted a clip from an upcoming episode featuring a 9/11 remembrance scene. Clearly touched by it, he captions the video “Can’t put into words this episode and what it means. Lets just Remember and Honor. #9/11 #neverforget Sunday 10/9c.”

In the scene, we see his character Jason Hayes walk up to Ray Perry, telling him “He’d be proud of you,” Somberly staring at the 9/11 memorial, Perry finally responds he would have been more proud if he hadn’t wasted two years and enlisted earlier. “You grieve how you grieve. At the end of the day, you are where you’re meant to be, Ray,” Hayes tells him. The two share a heartfelt moment before other team members join them and the video ends.

Boreanaz’s followers are eating it up, with the comments being full of heart emojis and the 2-hour old post already accruing more than 34,000 views. “Can’t wait to see this episode. As a New Yorker, the memorial is a special place to us,” one commenter writes. “David you’re the best actor on TV hands down man,” says another, praising his performance.

Another commenter perhaps says it best, claiming “This will be a hard episode but it’s honoring all the brave people who died that terrible day. Never forget all the heroes.”

David Boreanaz Reveals How Often he Performs his Own Stunts

These days it seems as if actors doing their own stunts is becoming more common, but for shows like SEAL Team, many of them are bound to be dangerous. Nonetheless, David Boreanaz reveals he does more than you might think.

During a phone interview with Collider, Boreanaz fielded questions about the show. One topic delved into the show’s stunts and if he did any himself.

“I do a lot of it. My body doesn’t respond and recover the way it used to, but I do 95 percent of it.” The comment about his body not recovering may be true, as sometimes he’s left the set sore and limping, he said.

For the other 5 percent, he does have a stunt person, though it seems as if he fights him on doing his own sequences. Recounting the pilot where his character jumps off a boat’s bow onto a cargo ship. He didn’t do that personally, but he wanted to. According to Boreanaz, his SEAL Team stunt double told him, “No, dude, you’ll break your neck with your helmet on!”

Considering he’s 52-years-old and doing the majority of his stunts on the show, I’d say he’s in better shape than he let on in the interview.