‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Drops Gritty New Helicopter Pic: ‘Season 5 Coming in Hot’

by Anna Dunn

SEAL Team star David Boreanaz just dropped a new helicopter pic as season 5 looms. The actor, who’s starred on the show since its premiere in 2017, has been an outspoken supporter of the show amidst cancellation rumors.

Now that season 5 is officially coming our way, it’s clear Boreanaz is as excited as some of the fans. Boreanaz plays Jason Hayes. He posted the intense helicopter photo from SEAL Team earlier today (August 31st).

“Who’s ready for exfil?” He wrote. “Season 5 is coming in hot!”

Boreanaz does a Lot of His Own Stunts

The intense photo is a reminder of how action-packed the series is, but that doesn’t stop Boreanaz from doing his own stunts. The actor has been in the business for a while and plays a lot of characters that involve a lot of stuntwork. First, he played Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then, he played Special Agent Booth on Bones. Both roles required some heavy lifting.

Now, on SEAL Team, it’s the same thing, but just because Boreanaz isn’t as young as he used to be, he still gives it his all.

“I do a lot of it,” Boreanaz told Collider about the stunts for his character. “My body doesn’t respond and recover the way it used to, but I do 95 percent of it.”

Of course, he still has a professional stunt person for the more difficult maneuvers. For instance, there was a stunt in the pilot episode that needed a professional. Jason Hayes jumps right off the bow of a cargo ship. Boreanaz didn’t do that one, but he told the publication that he definitely wanted to.

For Boreanaz, the difficulty involved in filming SEAL Team six isn’t just physical, but emotional. The show’s dedication to authenticity when it comes to the harrowing real-life experiences of vets has reportedly taken its toll, but he still seems fiercely dedicated to the show regardless.

‘SEAL Team’ Season 5 Will Premiere on CBS, but There’s a Catch

After rumors of cancellation and campaigns to save the show, SEAL Team has officially gotten a fifth season, but the road to get there was a bit bumpy.

SEAL Team‘s fate was put into question when it wasn’t one of the CBS shows initially renewed. That, on top of poor ratings, made fans worry. And while SEAL Team season 5 will premiere on CBS, it won’t stay there. The show will air its first four episodes of its fifth season on the network before moving exclusively to CBS’s streaming service, Paramount +.

The news has upset some fans who don’t have the streaming service, but others are ultimately grateful the show at least got another chance. You can catch the first episode of SEAL Team season 5 on Sunday, October 10th.