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‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Mourns Loss of Family Member in Heartfelt Post

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

David Boreanaz is mourning the loss of his uncle. The SEAL Team star wrote a sweet post about him and posted it on Instagram.

“No words to express the sadness I feel losing my Uncle. You are and will ever be with me in my heart. I will miss u.”

Boreanaz is a beloved actor who now stars as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team on CBS. The network recently picked up the show for another season, but with some tweaks. The show heads to Paramount+, the CBS streaming service. CBS moved other shows, too. Evil started out on CBS, then ended up as a cornerstone for Paramount+ this summer.

George Cheeks, president of CBS Entertainment Group, said SEAL Team heading to streaming was a way the network could “maximize value for the content” and benefit the shows.

Fans now will need to pay extra to watch Boreanaz and SEAL Team. The streaming service starts at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year for a package with limited commercials. But the plus is a viewer gets access to every show and movie in the catalogue. Past episodes of SEAL Team can be found there, as well.

Boreanaz Joked That SEAL Team Cast Can Curse More on Streaming

Boreanaz was happy SEAL Team found a home, since rumors swirled about a possible cancellation. A streaming service is just fine.

“Oh my God. I’ve been in network TV for over 20 years and now I can drop the F-bomb?” Boreanaz joked with EW.

Then he added: “It’s not about dropping the F-bomb. You have to earn those moments. I think they will be more readily earned on a streaming platform. We can really go there now, and that’s going to be interesting, really. I’m excited about it.”

Boreanaz has been a TV star for more than two decades. He became a teen idol in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Then, he starred in Bones. He jumped from playing an FBI agent in Bones to SEAL Team in 2017. This season, he even directed an episode of SEAL Team. He recently talked about what he notices most about playing his character.

“Just his drive, and his mentality to get the job done,” Boreanaz said. “Also to pick the pieces up and carry it on his shoulders – as easy as that may sound.”

With the move to Paramount+, Boreanaz said fans will get more from SEAL Team. For one, there could be 18 more minutes of action for each episode.

“I think the challenge of network television is being able to push the boundaries and be creative in that aspect. And our show really has gone above and beyond as far as marrying the action and how real that is with the emotional arcs that our characters have undertaken and where they’ve taken us for four seasons. So I’m proud of that,” he said.