‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Reveals Advice He’d Give His Younger Self

by John Jamison

Considering all he does to call attention to veterans and raise awareness for their struggles following service, there’s hardly a better day to write about SEAL Team star David Boreanaz. The show recently made the leap from its home on CBS to streamer Paramount Plus. And the acting veteran sat down to talk about everything from what to expect from Season 5 of SEAL Team to the advice he’d give his younger self.

Boreanaz has come a long way since he got into the entertainment industry. And one of the first questions he was asked during an interview with Entertainment Tonight tried to draw some wisdom from all that experience. The outlet asked the actor what his younger self might learn from the hindsight of a few decades.

“I mean, just stick with the good coffee. That’s all, man. Don’t go to the tea, stick with the good coffee, stay at the right diner and then call it a day and just be simple,” said Boreanaz. “Details, man, it’s all in the details,”

SEAL Team is only the most recent stop for David Boreanaz in a career that spans nearly 30 years. He rose to prominence in the late 1990s on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then appeared on spinoff Angel, and hasn’t looked back since. Many will recognize him from the 12 years and 245 episodes he did on Bones.

Since 2017, David Boreanaz has portrayed Navy SEAL Master Chief Jason Hayes on the hit CBS show. SEAL Team is in the middle of Season 5, and four episodes in, it’s switching over to ViacomCBS owned streaming platform Paramount Plus.

What Can SEAL Team Fans Expect After the Switch to Paramount Plus?

The move from network TV to Paramount Plus is going to be a mixed bag for fans. Those who haven’t cut the cord and prefer watching their new episodes live on television won’t appreciate the change. But if they’re serious about their SEAL Team, they may come around on it, after all.

Why? Because there are fewer restrictions in terms of content on the streaming platform. The show can get away with showing a lot more.

“The streaming format allows us just to do more, more action, more intense scenes. It just gives us that extra fabric of getting deeper into the character development, and what these veterans and these characters struggle with, whether it’s PTS (post-traumatic stress) or TBI (traumatic brain injury),” said Boreanaz.

What can SEAL Team fans expect from the rest of Season 5?

“We’re gonna really be examining Jason’s, kind of, TBI creeping up on him, how it affects him, how it affects him at home, how it affects him when he’s on his big mission,” he finished.