‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz on Season 6 Renewal: ‘Look Forward to Our Next Mission’

by Jonathan Howard

The wait is over, and it didn’t take all that long, either. SEAL Team is back with Season 6 and David Boreanaz couldn’t be more excited.

Throughout the five seasons of the show, Boreanaz has been an anchor. He is not just a star of the series but also an executive producer. A lot of his vision goes into the making of the series. So, it makes sense that he is just about as excited as anyone that the show is returning for another season.

When the move was made to Paramount+ the future of the show was in question. It had done well on CBS, but clearly not well enough to keep it in that time slot. So, when SEAL Team became streaming exclusive, no one knew what was next. However, things went well enough for another season to get the green light. See what Boreanaz had to say about the news.

“And we are BACK!” the actor exclaimed. “Thank you to the fans, and great cast and crew. We look forward to our next mission!”

Now, the Jason Hayes actor brings up the next mission. That particular bit is going to be of interest to everyone that saw the end of Season 5. The Bravo Team isn’t exactly in a great place. Stuck in Mali under intense machine-gun fire and a barrage of artillery isn’t where you want to be. However, that’s where the team finds itself.

Clay just wants to start a family and move on. Jason is trying to get mentally healthy. But, duty calls and that means they have to go out on the mission. Season 6 of SEAL Team could pick up right in that last moment from Season 5.

David Boreanaz Wants ‘SEAL Team’ to Get More Love

Perhaps one of the reasons why CBS moved SEAL Team to Paramount+ was due to the fact it didn’t get much attention from critics. There just hasn’t been a lot of love given by the major awards shows. The show has just one Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series. David Boreanaz wants that to change.

“Look, we’re the only military show on the air, but we just don’t get the respect. We don’t get the chops, man,” Boreanaz explained. However, it isn’t about winning trophies and awards. The actor knows that. “The biggest reward I can have out of this show is having veterans come up to me and say, ‘You saved my life. I was going to kill myself last week.’ And I’ve had that.”

SEAL Team is going into Season 6, awards or no awards, and leaving it all out on the table. Boreanaz and company are going to bring the same intensity and passion that they have brought for the last five seasons.