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‘SEAL Team’ Star Didn’t Need Writers Help When Creating His Character’s Backstory

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“SEAL Team” is one of television’s most dynamic, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping military shows, and the passion we see on screen bleeds into cast members off-screen. One “SEAL Team” star, Judd Lormand, revealed in a 2019 interview that, when he first joined the show in season one, he actually created his own backstory for his character without an assist from writers.

In speaking with Pop Culturalist, the “SEAL Team” star said he wasn’t given anything to work from other than what was scripted for him. He shared, “As a guest star, I took the responsibility to create my own backstory, to do my own homework.”

Of the feat itself, Judd explained, “When they’re writing a season, the writers have their regulars and have to create their story arcs. I didn’t want to bother anyone and say, ‘Hey, what’s Eric’s backstory?'”

Instead, Judd shared creating the character’s backstory, “would help me relate to what’s going on in Blackburn’s life. The actor gave one example from which he could draw in creating the character’s history.

Judd said when he heard individuals state, “[W]hen I would overhear a guy saying, ‘Yeah, it’s been tough lately with the bills. The wife and I have been at it,'” it lent the actor inspiration to imagine how the “SEAL Team” character would behave in the situation.

In doing so, the “SEAL Team” star said, “It allowed him to be empathetic to what these guys are going through.”

In this way, the Eric Blackburn actor spun a character role from little basis, and several seasons later, we continue to see him grow and develop.

‘SEAL Team’ Stars Endure Intense Training

While “SEAL Team” star Judd Lormand broke down the makeup of his character’s backstory, another show star shared with readers the intense training the cast goes through in order to accurately portray our military’s most elite team.

“SEAL Team” star AJ Buckley previously shared during an interview with Monsters & Critics the transformation he personally underwent in training.

First off, Buckley said, “There’s a lot of training and the gear that we wear, it’s all field stuff, so we’ve got probably between 60 to 100 pounds of gear that we’re carrying.”

However, in speaking about the training versus watching the actual SEALs carry out the exercises, Judd said the effect was totally different. “[J]ust watching the real guys do it when they show us how, it’s just so smooth and efficient,” the SEAL Team” star recalled.

In essence, Buckley compared his work and training on “SEAL Team” to a “little boy’s dream.” He explained, “I go to go to the helicopter and fly around, and then go jump off of a boat, and repel down the side of a building.”

Truthfully, the jobs and tasks of the day do sound pretty epic, especially in the mind of a little boy.