‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Channels Inner John Denver in ‘Small Town USA’ Post

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2019 )

On Saturday (October 23rd) SEAL Team star Max Thieriot took to his Instagram to share a snapshot of him channeling his inner John Denver

“Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong.” – John Denver  #sonomacoast  #senseswines  #kuiu  #country #smalltownusa @senseswines 📸 @jakwonderly” the SEAL Team castmate writes in his post. 

Thieriot and the rest of the SEAL Team crew are preparing for the hit series to move from CBS to Paramount+. Following the fourth episode, which premieres on October 31st, the rest of the show’s latest season episodes will be added to the streaming service every Sunday. 

Spencer Hudnut, a SEAL Team executive producer, recently told TV Line that the move will not change the show that much. “It’s the same show. The language might be a little saltier. As it probably would be when people are shooting at you.”

Max Thieriot Talks Directing ‘SEAL Team’ Episodes 

While chatting with Parade in 2018, Max Thieriot opened up about what it was like to direct a few episodes of SEAL Team. “It’s definitely a different show to direct. For me, directing the show is nice because it’s a show that I have been on since the beginning. So, I know the look, I know the feeling, I know everything about it.”

While chatting about his approach to directing, the SEAL Team star explained, “So, when I got into this situation, I knew exactly what people would be asking me going into all these meetings. I basically made sure that I had answers to all the questions from early on, so that way, I was always ahead.”

The SEAL Team castmate further shared that he is one of those people that when it comes to directing he understands it. “It all really just makes sense to me. And so, it comes easier to me than acting. So, I put in a ton of work, basically, creating the entire thing in my head. And I sit down and I draw stuff, and I listen to music. I have a really interesting process.”

When asked about fellow SEAL Team star David Boreanaz directing a couple of episodes of the show as well, Thieriot stated the actors chatted about their directing approaches.

“I’ve been shadowing directors since I was 12 years old on movie sets. So, for me, my entire career has been a learning experience. I’ve been quietly stealing good ideas from directors for 20 years now.”

In regards to being thorough on SEAL Team Thieriot added that he does look over the entire script. “Yeah, I always know what’s going on. And, specifically, I would say I was more in tune to it for season three than probably season two.”