‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Honoring Vets Teaming Up With Organization to Support Our Heroes

by Megan Molseed
seal-team-star-max-thieriot honoring-vets-teaming-organization-support-heroes
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

SEAL Team star Max Thieriot has dedicated his time and star power in an effort to help support our veterans across the nation. The actor just recently took to Instagram to show his support for our veteran heroes by teaming up with the Boot Campaign’s You Matter campaign.

More than simply a catchy slogan, or even a shiny campaign, the Boot Campaign’s latest program has a universal message. A simple message that is also extremely powerful: YOU MATTER.

Saving Lives Through An Important Campaign

The YOU MATTER campaign supported by the SEAL Team star was created when the Boot Campaign recognized a health crisis throughout the nation. One that has especially affected those within the veteran community, taking more lives than the number of soldiers who have been killed in action since the September 11 attacks.

The crisis? Suicide.

“More than 4x the number of those who stepped up to protect and defend our freedoms have died on home soil by their own hand than those who were killed in action since 9/11,” noted Max Thieriot in a September 7 Instagram post.

“Think about that,” the SEAL Team star added. “Veterans need our support now more than ever!”

Thieriot went on to note that he has teamed up with the Boot Campaign to show his support for the veterans, getting the important message out in any way he can.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Supports Our Vets

“I’ve teamed up with @bootcampaign to do just that,” the SEAL Team actor said. “to show our veterans what they need to hear, see and feel from all of us: YOU MATTER”

Thieriot added that all of the proceeds collected in the YOU MATTER fundraisers will go towards helping veterans seek care for the “invisible would of war.”

Through the Boot Campaign’s organization.

In the Tuesday evening, Instagram photo, the SEAL Team star shows off some swag; a ‘YOU MATTER’ t-shirt that the Boot Campaign is selling in the YOU MATTER fundraising effort.

The Boot Campaign notes that this particular campaign is especially important during September, which is recognized as Suicide Prevention Month. Their efforts work to help “shatter the stigma” that often surrounds critical mental health care needs. The intention is to spread the simple but extremely important message to our veterans: YOU MATTER.

The Boot Campaign and the SEAL Team star invites those looking to donate to help spread the YOU MATTER message in the same way he is doing in Insta. YOU MATTER merchandise is available on the website.

“Get yours and help me in supporting a great cause that I am proud to represent,” Thieriot said. The actor noted the multiple YOU MATTER items available through the campaign.

The Boot Campaign was developed about ten years ago. It was developed to help the community members support and express their gratitude for our soldiers across the country. The Boot Campaign supports a variety of programs designed to honor and restore the lives of veterans and their families.