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‘SEAL Team’ Takes Moment to Appreciate the ‘Journey’ Show’s Military Members Experience

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “SEAL Team” guys have been through a lot the past few episodes; specifically, landing in the hospital because of a mistake from Jason. The official “SEAL Team” Instagram highlighted the previous episode with a video montage of Bravo Team recalling what happened.

The video started with Clay Spenser asking the guys to tell him what they remember; “Ray asked me to help gather some firsthand accounts of the op,” he says.

Ray goes first, explaining that “Bravo was running a joint op with the GIGN partner forces. The French were the mobility element, posted outside with Trent and the gun trucks. The rest of Bravo was the assault force.”

“We entered in the South End,” says Sonny next. “It was Ray, Brock, myself, started clearing rooms. A few guys that intel said would be there. Ended up being a hell of a lot more.” Sonny explains that through a window he sees a guy with an RPG. Then Jason says he went outside and got some of the GIGN guys to take them down.

“And the next thing I know Jason’s pulling me out, then he went back in and pulled the rest of you guys out,” says Ray. Jason rescued his team, but it was his oversight that led to the building exploding around them. Now, in the next episode, Jason is left stateside while Bravo goes back into the field. How is Jason going to reconcile his actions in the next episode?

‘SEAL Team’: Why the Characters Can’t Stay the Same

What’s great about “SEAL Team” is the characters don’t live in a bubble where nothing touches them and they don’t age or deal with the consequences of their actions. Jason in particular has to deal with the aftermath of landing his entire team in the hospital.

Neil Brown Jr., who plays Ray Perry on “SEAL Team,” spoke about the fact that their characters do evolve. “That’s the evolution of the team, the evolution of the show. That’s the thing about this show is that they constantly evolve, they can’t stay the same. Jason, played by David Boreanaz, can’t press pause on getting older and you can only get so good for so long before father time impacts you.”

Currently, Jason is dealing with age and injury catching up to him, and it’s putting his team at risk. He’s going to have to reconcile with the fact that maybe he can’t do this job anymore, and deal with those consequences.

In the next “SEAL Team” episode, it seems like someone has told Jason’s commanding officer about his TBI and the risks he’s causing by going into the field when he’s having memory issues. He feels like he has to be a tough guy and not show any weakness. But getting help for himself would inevitably help his team.