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‘SEAL Team’: Is Team Bravo Getting a New Operator After Major Character’s Death in Season 4?

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

With “SEAL Team” losing a central character in Season 4, don’t hold out any hope that a new operator is coming on the scene.

TV Line asked showrunner Spencer Hudnut about the possibility of a new character, but Hudnut gave a pretty blunt “unfortunately no” response about the storyline.

“We talked about that, and due to the nature of this season, once the ball gets rolling, it’s a very propulsive ride,” Hudnut said.

Hudnut said the storyline “didn’t print itself to be done in an organic way.”

Scott Foxx, who played Full Metal in Season 4, died in the show. After getting involved in a shootout with Boko Haram militants in Nigeria, he died from his wounds. 

Foxx will remain with the show as an advisor. 

Hudnut filled in fans about the former Navy Seal. According to HITC, Foxx served two tours in Iraq (2005, 2007)

“He’s going to be there every day with us in an advising capacity and a double capacity,” Hudnut said. “I know people are obviously worried about not only the character but the actual man.” 

So with the smaller cast, “SEAL Team” is still a big-time show.

Hudnut co-wrote the final two episodes of Season 4. For this season, he penned the Season 5 premiere “Trust, But Verify: Part 1.” Christopher Chulack directs the episode, which will air on Oct. 10.

Lots Going On In ‘SEAL Team’ Premiere 

With Foxx gone, there’s still a good bit going on with the SEAL team.

In “Trust, But Verify: Part 1,” TV Insider learned that the crew learns that a training exercise is, in reality, another secret mission to get a weapons expert out of one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Also, last season finished up with Jason (David Boreanaz) and Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) starting to face health issues. We’ll have to see how those guys handle them.

Possible Afghanistan Plot?

The Daily Express waded into social media fans, suggesting a plotline similar to the recent Afghanistan bombing attack last month.

Would it be relevant or in good taste to do something with the tragedy fresh in many minds?

Probably not. The SEAL team had traveled to Afghanistan in the past.

TV Line reported that a writer, possibly Hudnut, said there would be no return to start Season 5.

“No immediate course correction will be needed,” the writer said. “I am told that the team’s first Season 5 mission will take them to a completely different part of the world.”

It wouldn’t be the first time real-life would try to get into the show.

The Daily Express noted that show writers brought up a storyline with the current pandemic in September 2020. However, Hudnut said the idea died, citing a need for “people to escape” the pandemic.