‘SEAL Team’: Which Cast Members Served in the Armed Forces?

by Matthew Memrick

“SEAL Team” prides itself on authenticity, and it’s cool to know that several former Armed Forces members work on the show.

According to TV Tropes, three advisors, an actor, and many extras are those who served for the U.S. Another former Marine has also portrayed a role on the show.

Leading actor David Boreanaz, who plays Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes, told CBS that he went through a learning process when he first signed up for the show.

“It’s tough when you look at these SEALs and understand what they do. I didn’t fully understand what these guys did and when I signed on, I became more aware,” he said.

Tyler Grey (ex-Delta Forces) and Mark Semons (ex-SEAL) play Bravo Team’s Trent and Keith on the “SEAL Team” show. Tony Nevada, who also acted in “American Sniper,” was also a cast member as Alpha 3.

Also, former US Army Green Beret Dan Briggs advises the show. Briggs, who is also Max Thieriot’s (Clay Spenser) stunt double, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in 2007. The soldier-turned-actor also played Derek on the show in ten “SEAL Team” episodes.

According to IMDB.com, Briggs was stationed at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina with a special operations unit. With tours over 17 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa, he was medically retired in 2015.

The entertainment website mentioned that he came to Los Angeles to work as a stuntman and military consultant at a friend’s request. 

‘SEAL Team’ Dog Trainer Has World Experience

Justin Melnick, who portrays Bravo Team canine handler Brock Reynolds on the show, is an actual police canine handler. 

Before he landed a recurring role on the show, Melnick served as the show’s dog handler. He owns Dita, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, who plays an explosives detection dog on the show.

In a 2018 Variety interview, Melnick said he served as a combat photographer for six years. Afterward, he worked for another three months in Afghanistan.

He said the experience motivated him, and a feeling to get involved with the military came next. He started with a direct special forces program called 18 X-Ray, but it didn’t work out. 

At 29, Melnick moved to Indiana and worked with a small police force there. The police officer said his roommate couldn’t keep up with Dita. So, he took her and trained her. 

According to Variety, Melnick suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a fall from 15-20 feet from a helicopter in February. He was performing a show stunt with his dog.

Golden A’ SEAL Team’ Weapons Designer

Finally, many stunt crew members are veterans who also work as Alpha Team extras. 

Alpha 2 extra Garret Golden is also an ex-SEAL. He designs specialized guns at G2 Precision. The company’s Twitter page states it makes low mass, high precision weapons systems.