Sean Connery’s Younger Brother Neil Dead at 82

by Matthew Wilson

Sean Connery‘s younger brother Neil has passed away. Neil was 82-years-old and had been battling an undisclosed long-term illness. Neil’s death comes just seven months after his older brother passed away.

In a moving tribute, Neil Connery’s best friend Steve Begg confirmed the passing on Facebook. He celebrated Neil’s life and his achievements.

“My good friend and Edinburgh drinking buddy Neil Connery passed away early this morning, I am sad to report,” Begg wrote. “He considered me a lackluster challenge when it came to the drinking stakes but I considered him with respect.  He looked and sounded like his big bro so going out with him was always interesting to say the least. Miss you Neil.”

Neil Connery rose to fame off his brother Sean’s legendary career. Famously, he spoofed his brother’s career as the secret agent 007 James Bond. Neils tarred in the spoof “Operation Kid Brother,” where he played a fictional brother to James Bond. Given the similar looks, Neil was almost a dead ringer for his older brother. He also starred in the film “The Body Stealers” as well.

Neil and His Brother Sean Connery

Neil was always close to his brother Sean Connery. In fact, there wasn’t much sibling rivalry between the two, even after Neil followed Sean into acting.

“People have said that he doesn’t like what I’m doing, but I think he realizes I’m no danger to his career. He’s an established actor, and I’ve seen all his films and enjoyed every one of them…He wished me luck, and I know he’s interested in how I make out,” Neil once said, according to the Daily Mail.

In fact, Neil often turned to Sean for acting advice. Despite being seven years apart, the two were close growing up. After Sean made it big time, he gave his younger brother expensive clothes and even bought him a Jaguar (although Sean later ended up accidentally breaking it).

“I remember the advice Sean gave me; Take it easy, make sure everything is in black-and-white before you sign it and ensure it’s to your advantage,” Neil said.

Upon learning of his brother’s death last year, Neil was reportedly upset. Neil’s wife Eleanor gave a public comment on his wellbeing at the time.

“He’s just very upset at losing his only brother. He would’ve gone but, of course, given the times we’re in, nobody can travel anywhere for any reason so that’s upsetting too,” she said. Neil will be remembered for the contributions he made to the spoof genre.