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Sean Penn on Meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: ‘He Was Born for This’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for CORE)

Even before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine commenced, Sean Penn avidly supported the latter country and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In a recent interview, Penn had nothing but praise for him, saying “He was born for this.”

TMZ shared an interview the famed actor and producer had with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In it, the two talked about Ukraine’s current crisis and Volodymyr Zelensky. Cooper spoke about how Zelensky rallied his nation, inspiring hope and patriotism. After asking Penn if he found it surprising, the actor replied he didn’t, saying “He was born for this.”

“You know, when I talk about President Zelensky, I think it should be said that I’m talking about most of what I observed in the Ukrainian people,” Penn began. “You know, we have these inspirational figures in our micro lives. I have extraordinary children that inspire me, an extraordinary estranged wife who inspires me daily. And then there’s the macro inspiration of these great figures of history. Meeting with President Zelensky the day before the invasion and then meeting with him again on the day of the invasion. I don’t know if he knew that he was born for this.”

Continuing, Sean Penn recognizes Zelensky as exactly the person the country needs. “But it was clear I was in the presence of something and again, I think reflected of so many Ukrainians that was new, that was new to the modern world in terms of courage and dignity.”

Penn has been speaking frequently about his experience in Ukraine, often stating a sense of terror being palpable. Seeing it firsthand convinced him all the more America needs to support the country. According to him, we could “plummet off a cliff” if we don’t.

Sean Penn Recalls ‘Abandoning’ Car to Reach Polish Border while Filming War Documentary

For those who don’t know, Sean Penn was actually in Ukraine before the invasion to film a documentary. Being ground side himself for the filming, he discussed a recent incident. He and his colleagues “abandoned” their car to reach the Polish border while filming.

Taking to Twitter a little over a week ago, Penn shared a photo of him walking toward the border on foot. We see a line of cars on the side of the road too, with him noting the cars almost exclusively carried women and children.

“Myself & two colleagues walked miles to the Polish border after abandoning our car on the side of the road. Almost all the cars in this photo carry women & children only, most without any sign of luggage, and a car their only possession of value,” the tweet reads.

Additionally, Penn said Putin made “a most horrible mistake for all of humankind” with the war.