See First Look at Times Square’s 2022 New Year’s Eve Ball

by Victoria Santiago

The iconic New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square is getting a facelift before the big day. The ball is having 192 crystal triangles replaced. In total, the sphere was 2,688 crystal triangles. Waterford, the Irish crystalware company in charge of the ball, says the update is part of the 2022 design. “Gift of Wisdom” will be the 9th installment of the company’s “Greatest Gifts” series.

Waterford has been creating New Year’s designs for Times Square for over 20 years. Billions of people are expected to tune in to the ball drop.

The company has updated its Waterford Crystal Times Square guide, which tells us about the design for each year. The crystals being replaced this year will be cobalt blue, to symbolize “enlightenment and ingenuity” while invoking “reflection and clarity.”

Tom Brennan, a Master Craftsman for the company, states, “With Waterford’s ‘Gift of Wisdom’ collection, we hope it inspires everyone to see 2022 as an opportunity for a fresh start and full of potential, and we’re grateful the iconic Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball continues to be part of your special moments together.”

The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs a whopping 11,875 pounds. Each of the 2,688 crystal triangles on the ball are sized differently. The sides of the triangles range from 4.75 to 5.75 inches in length. Crystal triangles aren’t the only thing that makes the New Year’s Eve ball sparkly, though. LED lights are added to it every year. Specifically, 32,256 lights are used to make the sphere glow as it rings in the new year. The lights can display up to 16 million colors and billions of unique patterns. For example, this is what it looked like on Christmas:

Fox Cancels Live Times Square Event

The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop has been happening in New York City for over a century. The very first celebration took place in 1907, as people gathered to bring in 1908. COVID-19 has changed the way everything operates, including any New Year celebrations. Fox has canceled their live event for New Year’s Eve.

The event, Fox’s New Year’s Ever Toast & Roast 2022, was canceled because it would be too hard to film in Times Square. Although getting the coronavirus omicron variant is also a risk, Fox executives are confident that the spread would be minimal. Ken Jeong and Joel McHale were supposed to host the event. They also hosted last year’s New Year’s Eve special. Fox hasn’t yet announced what they’ll be replacing the special with. However, they say that they’ll reveal backup programming before New Year’s Eve.

Whatever your New Year’s Eve plans look like, have no fear. Even though Fox is being stingy with their backup announcements, other networks are still going ahead with their original plans. For example, ABC will still be airing the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.