‘Seinfeld’ Has a Shrinkage Problem…on Netflix

by Megan Molseed

Maybe Netflix put the series in the pool for a bit before premiering it on its streaming services? Fans of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld are upset about some shrinkage.

And, not just the shrinkage George Costanza knows about from the fifth season episode of the hit NBC series entitled The Hamptons.

This shrinkage, it seems has taken over the entire series.

When the famous streaming service welcomed Seinfeld into its library on October 1, they changed things up a bit.

In order to make the show a little more modern, Netflix decided to change the picture ratio of the original episodes.

With this contemporary ratio change, many of the pictures in the show’s episodes are cut off in some very important, places.

Netflix had changed the sitcom’s initial 4:3 aspect ratio to a much narrower aspect of 16:9.

Apparently, this 16:9 aspect is a little more modern and gives the series more of a cinematic appearance.

However, what it has been doing is cutting jokes off – literally – within the episodes.

What Would Jerry Seinfeld Change?

Just before Netflix picked up the entire series for the show’s October 1 premiere on the streaming service, the show’s star, Jerry Seinfeld, spoke out about “fixing” things on the series.

“There’s a number of them that I would love to have a crack at,” the Seinfeld star said of some of the shows featured in the long-running series.

The actor and comedian add that while there are certain pieces of the series here and there he wouldn’t mind tweaking a bit, it’s something he would never do.

“I don’t really believe, philosophically, in changing or even thinking about the past,” Seinfeld explained.  

“But if you forced me or you gave me a time machine,” the comedian adds. “I would fix some things.”

Netflix Is All-In

It wasn’t long ago that Netflix announced that Seinfeld would be appearing in its television series library.

Of course, this news overjoyed fans. Since the series which was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld had just been knocked out of Hulu’s catalog.

And, Netflix was so confident that viewers would respond to this move the company decided to make an unprecedented move by purchasing all nine seasons of the series from the start.

“This is the first time we’ve taken a risk of this nature,” notes Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said. “Going all-in on nine seasons at the jump.”

Hopefully Netflix will do something to fix this shrinkage problem. So viewers will continue to watch the award-winning series during binge-watching opportunities.