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‘Seinfeld’ Now Has a Plot Hole Thanks to Netflix

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by David Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

Maybe the dingo ate your baby, maybe Netflix just put one episode out of order. Either way, there’s a plot hole in “Seinfeld” now because of the streaming service.

In the episode “The Stranded,” which appears in season 3 on Netflix, Jerry, George, and Elaine go to a party. George leaves the party with a woman he works with, taking the car and leaving Jerry and Elaine stranded. Only, this episode comes at a time when George was unemployed. He spends the party grousing about the struggles of dating a woman you work with. But, he’s unemployed in season 3. What gives?

Well, turns out, “The Stranded” was supposed to air in season 2, but Larry David didn’t like how the episode turned out at the time. It was set aside until season 3 when it aired as episode 10. When the episode aired in 1991, Jerry Seinfeld recorded an opener explaining the anachronism in the episode. Additionally, on the DVDs for seasons 1 and 2, “The Stranded” appears in season 2. But, on Netflix, it neither appears in season 2 nor features the opener. Which, could be a little confusing for the casual binge-watcher.

So, plot hole explained. Hopefully, Netflix will address this error sometime in the future. Larry David was a stickler for continuity, so it would be nice to see that fixed in his show. At the very least, so watchers don’t get confused about the “Seinfeld” timeline.

Why Elaine Didn’t Feature in the ‘Seinfeld’ Pilot

Anyone who’s seen “Seinfeld” from the beginning knows that Elaine Benes wasn’t even in the pilot episode. That’s because, when the show first aired, the character wasn’t even created yet.

Elaine came onto the scene in season 1 episode 2, “The Stake Out,” where George and Jerry stake out an office lobby to get the name and phone number of a woman Jerry met at a party. “Seinfeld” introduced Elaine as Jerry’s ex-girlfriend whom he’d stayed close friends with, and she quickly made her mark on the show and in the core group.

Originally, showrunners wanted a waitress named Claire from the pilot to be the female character in the group. But, they changed their minds and created Elaine as a character who would hang out outside of the coffee shop. She was more dynamic and interesting than just a waitress, and she became one of the most beloved characters on the show.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus immediately meshed with the group, and became “one of the guys.” She starred on “Seinfeld” for its entire 9-year run, from 1989 to 1998. After nominations every year for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series starting in 1992, she finally won the Emmy in 1996.