‘Seinfeld’ Star Jason Alexander Talks Beating Out Competition for Iconic Role

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Fairfax Media via Getty Images/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images

While Jerry Seinfeld in large part became a household name due to the popular comedy series “Seinfeld,” he couldn’t have done it without his hilarious best friend and sidekick.

“Seinfeld” had several key characters that acted alongside Jerry, including Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, and Jason Alexander as the beloved character George Costanza.

Jason Alexander on Landing ‘Seinfeld’ Role

When it came time to casting, Alexander had to beat out several other actors to get this role. He would then appear on “Seinfeld” for nine seasons. The sitcom is by far his most influential and recognizable role to date.

“They had seen a gazillion people I guess for George, some very famous who I think had been offered the role and either turned it down … Chris Rock, Danny DeVito … One of the guys they really liked for it and I think he said no was Paul Shaffer … They were kinda a little all over the map,” Jason Alexander told “Inside Of You with Michael Rosenbaum” regarding the process of landing the role.

The casting crew had looked at a huge array of possible stars, but something about Alexander stood out. At the time, they weren’t incredibly clear on what they were looking for. The show just had the basic outline to George Costanza.

“We’re looking for a funny sidekick best friend to Jerry Seinfeld … They called and said put him on tape. All I had was four pages from the pilot script with no context and nobody to ask about it because the casting director didn’t know the project she was just being paid to put some people on set,” Alexander said during the interview.

Jason Alexander also revealed that he owes getting the role in “Seinfeld” partially to Gary Marshall. It all tied back in a series of ways to his role as Philip Stuckey in the popular 1990 movie “Pretty Woman.”

Alexander Talks Funniest ‘Seinfeld’ Moment

“Seinfeld” had no shortage of hilarious moments during its nine-season run on TV. It was also performed in front of a studio audience, which meant there was double the amount of laughter.

For Alexander, one moment on set stood out in particular. That is the monologue his character delivered at the end of the 1994 episode called “The Marine Biologist.”

It was a last-minute addition that Alexander had to learn as the episode was being filmed. He ended up crushing it in one take and leaving the audience in stitches.

“There was a solid minute or more of laughter. That’s a lot of laughing, where you can’t go on, you can’t do the next line, because the audience is laughing that hard? That was huge,” he also said while on the podcast.

It’s now one of the most memorable moments in “Seinfeld” history.