Sex Pistols Star John Lydon Opens Up About Wife’s Alzheimer’s Battle

by Michael Freeman

John Lydon from the Sex Pistols, also known as Johnny Rotten, has recently spoken about his wife’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Because of the illness’s severity, Lydon is devoting time to being his wife’s caretaker.

His wife, Nora Forster, has suffered from Alzheimer’s since 2018. Since then, John Lydon has done everything he can to be there for her in her time of need.

However, Lydon still plans to promote his new memoir “I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right” with a book tour in the U.K. next month. He still plans on going but states he is worried about leaving his wife behind in Los Angeles.

“It’s gonna involve a lot of heartache. I need to have monitors in the home. Being away for lengths of time will be tough and I need to make that as brief as possible. You can’t take situations like my domestic situation on the road. It’s not gonna work. I’ve tried and it drove everybody insane.”

Lydon is determined to care for her himself, saying they still do things together like watching classic comedies on television. Forster’s diagnosis and the time they’ve spent together has only strengthened their love, according to Lydon.

“We’re not dealing with the walking dead. It’s a matter of memory fusing in and out. I had those issues when I was younger, coming out of meningitis. So I’m absolutely in the right place for it. It makes us love each other even more, no question. We’d never be, ‘Oh dear, time to lock you away.’ No.”

Despite the couple spending more quality time with one another, Johnny Rotten admits the illness has taken a toll on him mentally.

“It’s tough to deal with advice from people who absolutely mean well. But I have people who talk to me about their mother or their aunt, who are going through dementia. And it’s not the same for me because Nora’s my significant other. It’s a huge world of difference. And there’s no real literature out there or expert advice to help me.”

Lydon rounds out the interview by saying the idea of losing Nora is too much for him. Though many celebrities don’t air diagnoses like this immediately, Lydon has been candid about his wife’s condition and love for her.

How John Lydon and Nora Forster Met

Humorously, Lydon admits when he and his wife met, they couldn’t stand one another. They disliked each other so much they were “drawn together like magnets.”

Nora Forster was a German publishing heiress and they met in 1975 at a fashion store called ‘Sex.’ She was working as a music promoter and though their personalities clashed at first, “She shone, she glowed, from way across the other side of the room.”

Lydon stated many doubted the two lasting as a couple, but he simply retorts “Once I make the commitment, it’s forever.”