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Shakira Says She and Her Son Got Mugged by Wild Boars

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Animal attacks are an unfortunate happening you hear about too frequently. However, something you don’t hear about every day is wild boars mugging people, especially if said people are Shakira and her son.

Shakira’s holiday turned to disaster after two wild boars reportedly made off with her handbag. Though they’re gone now, she reflected on the incident with a series of Instagram stories yesterday. “They’ve destroyed everything,” she stated. The boars apparently attacked her and her son, Milan Pique Mebarak, while at an unnamed park in Barcelona.

The clip she posted in her Instagram story showed a dusty purse Shakira claims the boars stole. “Look at how two wild boars which attacked me in the park have left my bag,” she lamented. “They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it.”

Nevertheless, the singer appears to have stood her ground and didn’t easily relent to the attackers. “Milan, tell the truth,” she said in a clip talking to her son. “Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar.” Fortunately, the duo remained unharmed.

It may sound surprising, but boars have become an increasing problem in Europe. They typically weigh around 180 pounds and are incredibly aggressive, not to mention their tusks can easily inflict fatal wounds. Further, in 2016 alone the Spanish police stated they received a staggering 1,187 phone calls about boars. The problems ranged from attacking dogs and pillaging cat food to things like causing traffic accidents.

Animal Control Officials Reportedly Seeking Woman Who Keeps Feeding Wild Coyotes By Hand

While boars may be a big problem across Europe, San Francisco has an interesting dilemma involving wild animals on the coast. A woman who seemingly fed wild coyotes by hand last month is being sought by animal control officials.

The San Francisco inhabitant reportedly was feeding raw meat to coyotes with her bare hands. San Francisco Animal Control officials stated they were looking for her and welcomed help on social media. Field & Stream stated the woman frequently went to Bernal Hill, one of the highest points in San Francisco. Video footage actually captured the woman holding a tray lined with raw meat and covered with aluminum foil.

Seemingly harmless, such acts are making coyote sightings extremely common in San Francisco. At any given time there are roughly 70 to 100 in the area. Not typically hostile, they have been caught stalking children or biting people, though. Virginia Donohue, Animal Care and Control Executive Director, told the San Francisco Chronicle about the issue and its bigger implications. “This is 100 percent a human problem. We have too many people feeding coyotes or trying to befriend them. Ultimately it ends badly for the wildlife.”