‘Shameless’ Actor and Comedian Ricarlo Flanagan Dead at 40

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

Ricarlo Flanagan, known for his comedy and time as Davey on Shameless has died at the age of 40. He had most recently appeared in Room 104.

Stu Golfman of KMR Talent spoke with Deadline about the passing of Flanagan. “Ricarlo was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and a joy to work for. He will be missed dearly.”

Ricarlo Flanagan had just posted to Twitter about his battle with COVID-19. “This covid is no joke. I don’t wish this on anybody.”

However, a cause of death has not been revealed. His agent, Golfman, has not said anything more about his client. So, it will be a wait before anything is confirmed.

Flanagan was passionate about his comedy career and enjoyed doing standup. Back in 2013 his first album was debuted, Man Law. He also appeared on Last Comic Standing in 2015 on NBC. He made it far into the competition. Over the years he was in numerous films from Shameless to The Carmichael Show, Insecure, Mad About You, and more.

Flanagan had just booked a part on Bust Down on Peacock before his death. He had also found his first film role in the John Patton Ford film Emily the Criminal. That would have been along with Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi and more.

At 40 years old, Ricarlo Flanagan was relatively early in his career. There is not a memorial planned as of right now. Donations can be made to the family of Flangan via GoFundMe. The account was set up by his friends in order to help out his family during this time.

Ricarlo Flanagan, Stand-Up, Actor, and More

While he is most known for his work in comedy and his roles in film and television, Ricarlo Flanagan was more than that. He had many talents and was able to explore multiple avenues with his art. Before he released his first comedy album, he had already released a rap album.

During his music career, he released three albums. The first came in 2010, Death of Davinchi. As Father Flanagan he would go on to release two more albums. An Opus Inspired By Andre Martin (2019) and Hope Your Proud (2020). In fact, his fourth album, Both Sides Of The Brain was supposed to be released today.

His comedy albums started with Man Law. After that album, he released Recharged back in 2018. He had a single released by the Laugh Factory called Big Girls. With his new projects that were planned to release this year, it seems that Ricarlo Flanagan had big plans for the future. He was continuing his music career while also finding roles on camera.

Rest in peace to Ricarlo Flanagan.