‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Says She Hasn’t Spoken to Emmy Rossum in ‘Years’

by Kati Michelle

It’s been a hard week for fans of the hit “Shameless” TV series. They lost their “Davey,” Ricarlo Flanagan, who died at the age of 40. This news broke just 10 days after the comedian shared he was battling extreme health issues.

With the massive influence of the show, he will be missed by fans worldwide. Showtime’s green light for its 11th season actually made “Shameless” the network’s longest-running show in terms of episodes and seasons. Ricarlo shared space with a much-beloved cast of other greats like William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher) and Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher).

As with any performance piece, though, on-screen chemistry is not necessarily indicative of the same chemistry off-screen. Dwayne Johnson apparently found conflict working with Vin Diesel, as did Director Kevin Smith with Bruce Willis. Showtime’s Emma Kenney (Debbie Gallagher) just issued some shocking statements about her time on “Shameless” with co-star Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher).

Apparently, their time together on set isn’t one Kenney is too fond of and they actually haven’t spoken in years.

Emma Kenney Recalls Co-Star’s Attitude On Set

The bombshells came from Emma Kenney’s appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Created by Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn in 2018, the podcast centers around comedy and advice. Barstool Sports originally owned and distributed its content before Cooper signed a multi-million deal with Spotify later to give the music streaming platform exclusive rights. Cooper often explores the raunchier topics with her guests, encouraging raw, uncut conversations with various stars.

When asked what it was like working with Emmy Rossum, Emma Kenney revealed it was actually rather contentious.

“If she had a bad day, she made it a bad day for everybody,” Kenney says of Rossum. This also made Kenney feel “anxious” on set. She went on to describe their relationship in more detail saying it mirrored a “sister relationship in good and bad ways.”

“Growing up I definitely took a note from — not just her in particular — but people and things that I want to carry on in my life and things I do not want to carry on in my life.” She says Rossum sometimes took the role as a “good influence,” but other times offered “not the best advice.”

Regardless, Kenney still “has a lot of love” for Rossum after knowing her “for so long” despite not having talked to her since Rossum’s exit from the show back in 2019.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here:

Love is In the Air for “The Conners”

The last episode of “Shameless” aired in April of this year. Since then, Emma Kenney took on a new role and project with ABC’s “The Conners.” The show recently started its fourth season, inviting fans to be part of the project.

The show focuses on family antics like “Shameless” and sees Kenney as another sibling. According to her, the newest episode sees “love in the air.” It’s available for streaming on Hulu.

Here’s a look at the show: