‘Shark Tank’ Costar Robert Herjavec Rescues Former NHL Player and Family Stranded on Lake

by Matthew Wilson

It’s a bird, no it’s plane, no it’s “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec on a jet ski. Wait, what? The businessman and TV personality came to the rescue of a former NHL player and his family when they got stranded out on a lake.

Former NHL player and fireman Tom Lawson was out on the lake with his wife and three children. But the family became stranded in the water on Lake Joseph in Ontario, Canada. While fishing, their boat suddenly stopped working. The family tried to flag down some passing fishermen to no avail.

“On the way back, approximately 1 km away from our cottage for the week, we had some boat trouble,” Lawson told People. “We didn’t have much luck waving down the first few boats that went past. We saw a Sea-Doo and we were lucky enough to catch the driver’s attention. As the fella on the Sea-Doo got closer, we recognized that it was Robert Herjavec! The experience became even more humbling.”

Usually, people panic when there’s a shark in the water. But this shark wasn’t out for blood. Instead, he was there to rescue the family. At first, Herjavec thought the family was just a couple of “Shark Tank” fans wishing him well on the water. But he quickly realized that they actually needed his help.

“I was out jet skiing and I saw a boat drifting with a dad and his three kids, waving their arms frantically,” Herjavec told the outlet. “My first thought was they must love Shark Tank, but then I realized they were out of gas and stranded.”

‘Shark Tank’ Star Rober Herjavec to the Rescue

Without Herjavec present, the family’s situation could have quickly turned dangerous. The sun was dropping fast and Lawson’s boat didn’t have any light source. So, the “Shark Tank” star jumped into action helping the family.

Herjavec and Lawson quickly managed to find a rope for Herjavec to tow the family back to shore.

“They were in an unlit aluminum boat not meant to be out at night,” Herjavec said of the encounter. “We found a rope, tied it to the jet ski and I towed them back to their lake house.”

According to Lawson, Herjavec didn’t hesitate to help in his time of need. The business mogul reflected on being able to help a couple of “Shark Tank” fans. He said that sharks can be nice too when they’re not inside of the Tank.

“Did my good deed for the day!” he adds. “It’s funny, the dad is a fireman and said to me he normally rescues people — so now I get to say I rescued a fireman. They were super nice, appreciative and big ‘Shark Tank’ fans. See, sharks can be nice too!”