Sharon Osbourne Snaps Awesome Pic of Ozzy Osbourne With His Horns Up and Smile Wide

by Jonathan Howard

Lately, it seems rare to see The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, out and about. His wife, Sharon Osbourne, shared a photo to Instagram showing Ozzy looking as evil as ever. At 72-years old, Ozzy is one of the most iconic artists in American pop culture. For over 50 years, Ozzy has entertained and terrified with his music and overall aesthetic.

Ozzy Osbourne not only helped pioneer and usher in heavy metal into American culture, along with Black Sabbath he helped revolutionize it as well. The horror-inspired music and lyrics were chilling enough to disturb many and absolutely entertain masses. From appearing in movies, TV shows, and other media hits, Ozzy has made the most of his long career. It is always good to see him smiling and in good spirits.

Of course, Ozzy is wearing a hat with devil horns and has that great, vampiric look on his face. Osbourne sports a cane now, but that only makes his look even better. While he was missing his famous glasses, the rocker looks relaxed.

There are many myths and stories associated with Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and those around him. Deals with the devil and other supernatural stories followed the group and the singer throughout their careers. Ozzy has helped to inspire generations of musicians and heavy metal artists. Recently, with the passing of rock n’ roll legend Dusty Hill, Ozzy paid his respects.

Dusty Hill and Osbourne were both honored at the 2007 VH1 Rock Honors. Along with Genesis and Heart, ZZ Top and Ozzy were honored for their contributions to the sound of rock. The two shared a couple of moments at the event together and Ozzy shared a couple of pictures while honoring Hill.

Ozzy Osbourne is Still Rocking

Despite his long-time rock n’ roll lifestyle, Ozzy Osbourne is still rocking in his old age. Nowadays, he is posting throwback pictures on social media and enjoying the fruits of his labors. Speaking of, his No More Tears album turns 30 years old this year and Osbourne is planning a reissue to commemorate the anniversary.

The rocker and wife Sharon Osbourne spend more time together in recent days as Sharon left The Talk early in the year. The long-running talk show featured Osbourne for its first 11 seasons. She is the last original host to leave the CBS program. It isn’t all bad for the Osbournes. They recently celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.

With the release of the No More Tears deluxe reissue, let’s take a look back at the 1991 album. The album features tracks like Mama, I’m Coming Home, No More Tears, Hellraiser, and I Don’t Want to Change the World. This was Ozzy Osbourne’s sixth solo studio album and had better success in America than it did in the UK. It topped at 17th on the UK charts while coming in at 7th on the US Billboard charts.

The Prince of Darkness lives on.