Sharon Osbourne Celebrates Easter with Hilariously Creepy Pic of Ozzy as Easter Bunny

by Emily Morgan

Sharon Osbourne is keeping things lighthearted after she posted a photo of her husband in his rabbit costume for Easter. On Sunday, the British TV personality shared the pic with an accompanying caption wishing her followers a Happy Easter.

Ozzy Osbourne, best known as the former vocalist for Black Sabbath, typically opts for an all-black look and eyeliner— this time, his fans got to see him in a rare, hilarious outfit. In the photo taken in 1984, The Prince of Darkness is wearing a rabbit costume while posing in front of a backdrop.

The albeit creepy yet hilarious photo comes after Sharon Osbourne left her co-hosting job at “The Talk” after 11 years.

Now, her husband is publicly showing his support for Osbourne. After Osbourne supported Piers Morgan for his controversial statements regarding Meghan Markle, she faced allegations of racism from her colleagues. In a photo posted to his Instagram account, Osbourne is pictured with his hand by his ear. He captioned the snap, “I can’t f–king hear you! #TeamSharon.”

Sharon Osbourne Likely to End up in Court Over CBS Fallout

The 64-year-old appears to be unbothered by her exit. She was seen throwing up a peace sign while out to lunch just days after leaving the show. Now, Osbourne is reportedly set to receive a big payout after exiting the show. Per Page Six reporting, Osbourne’s settlement will be between $5 to $10 million— something the network has vehemently denied.

The news comes in the wake of Osbourne’s threats to sue CBS over her bitter departure. Osbourne is seeking damages and demanding CBS pay her for the remaining two years of her contract. Now, it’s unclear if this will go to court in the coming months.

“The studio may stand strong because they have a lot of public sentiment and opinion on their side,” attorney Sean Andrade said.

“These types of contracts have different provisions like morality provisions that will allow [CBS] to take action if the person does not essentially act the way they believe someone should act who is in the public eye,” he continued.

However, CBS is already defending themselves— arguing that Osbourne decided to leave the show. In the network’s statement, they “concluded” that her behavior “did not align with our values for a respectful workplace.”

According to Andrade, “The way CBS and their statements are coming out, it seems as though they are definitely trying to portray [Osbourne] as somebody who would have been a problematic person in the studio had they kept her on because of her poor interactions with her colleagues.”