Sharon Osbourne Details Fights with Ozzy, ‘Hitting’ People in the Music Industry

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

She has been married to Ozzy Osbourne for nearly 40 years, and Sharon Osbourne is opening up about how she handles the rock legend and others who cross her.

In a recent interview with DailyMail, Sharon Osbourne describes the fights between her and Ozzy as legendary. “We would beat the sh— out of each other,” Sharon admits. “It stopped, must be, 20 years ago. But we had a good run.”

Osbourne further explains that she has also “hit” people in the music industry. “I’ve hit guys in business and it’s like… sorry. That’s the way I was brought up,” she states. Osbourne recalls hitting a promoter as well as kneeing him in the crotch and head-butting him. She explains that the ordeal was over money because the promoter tried to stiff her. “I got the money,” the former talk show host proclaims.  

In regards to how she now avoids physical altercations, Osbourne adds, “You grow to a stage where sickens you. You grow to a stage where it physically makes you sick. But when you’re young, and, you know, you’re fighting the world. It’s different.” 

Sharon Osbourne Talks About Ozzy’s Upcoming Biopic

During her interview with DailyMail, Sharon Osbourne shares details about the upcoming biopic about Ozzy. “It’s a movie about Ozzy’s and my life. How we came together in the early days and our volatile relationship,” she explained. 

Osbourne also says that the biopic will show all the fights, makeups, arrests, and everything in between. “And it’s a love story,” she reveals. 

The biopic, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, takes a look back at the past five decades of Ozzy’s personal and professional life. The film’s description reads “For over five decades, Ozzy Osbourne has personalized rock and roll. From his childhood in poverty and time in prison to fronting the metal band Black Sabbath, a successful solo career, and a lovable 21st-century television dad.”

Sharon previously spoke to Rolling Stone about the upcoming film by saying it is a lot more real than other biopics. “We don’t want it to be a squeaky, shiny clean, and all of that. We’re not making it for kids. It’s an adult movie for adults.”

Sharon then compared Ozzy’s biopic to Bohemian Rhapsody. She referred to that biopic as a “Hallmark rock movie” and said it was for a younger generation. It was also squeaky clean to her. “It was, ‘Those songs will live forever,’ and it turned a whole generation onto Queen’s music and that had never heard before.”

Sharon does say that while she appreciates the film’s influence, she doesn’t think it was a great movie. “They changed the timing [of the story] and everything in it.”