Sharon Osbourne Offering ‘Little Support’ in Hilarious Pic With Her Pup

by Samantha Whidden

Kicking off the weekend with a little bit of humor, former The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne took to her Instagram page to share a hilariously adorable snapshot that features one of her dogs. 

“Sometimes all you need is a little support 🤗” Sharon Osbourne writes in the caption. The pic shows Sharon’s pup, which looks like Bella, sitting on her head while looking out the window. 

The Osbournes currently have nine dogs and two cats. Sharon has even created a page on her website that’s dedicated to her current seven dogs and one cat. The dogs’ names are Bella, Rocky, Alfie, Charlie, Flick, Mo-Mo, and Moe. Her cat’s name is Puss.

Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Her Past & Present Pups 

In a recent interview with Dog Magazine, Sharon Osbourne opens up about her dogs and their personalities. While chatting about her pup, Bella, who is described as a well-seasoned traveler, Sharon says, “When she flies with me, the crew are so good because she’s so liked. She sits out with me and never makes a noise.”

Sharon Osbourne also describes Bella as her angel. “When you travel and think, ‘Oh god I wish I was home. I wish I was in my own bed.’ To have my best friend with me, it’s the best thing.”

While also discussing the dogs from her family’s well-known reality series, Sharon Osbourne says that the dogs they had on the show have all passed. “So we don’t have any big dogs now. But honestly, with tiny little dogs, I’m like ‘big deal.’ They’re not gonna crap on an outfit I’m wearing. They know. They’ll go in the bathroom.”

Sharon Osbourne also reflects on her late Pomeranian pup, Minnie. “Minnie was honestly just the most unusual dog you’ve ever seen,” Osbourne declares. “She was a beautiful, beautiful dog and she also was my guard dog, my best friend. When I was really ill she got me through everything.”

Sharon further says that she wouldn’t have gotten through all her health struggles without Minnie being by her side. “She would literally climb onto my arm and chest and just lay with me. If I wanted to talk, if I didn’t want to talk, she was there.”

In regards to what kind of dog she would be, Sharon states that she’d be a Japanese Chin. “I used to have one and they are so aloof. They think they are better than everyone else, and that’s me. I think I have an attitude problem.”

Sharon Osbourne then adds that her husband Ozzy would be a terrier. “Because he’s rushing around here and there and everywhere. [He is] digging things up and going down holes… he’d be a terrier, definitely.”