Sharon Osbourne Says She Once Thought John Lennon Was ‘Destined’ to Be Her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’

by John Jamison

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been married for nearly 40 years. And the iconic couple has done everything together, from starring in a successful reality show about their lives to dealing with cancer. It’s hard to imagine Sharon being with anyone else. But there was a time when Ozzy wasn’t the musician for her. She had a huge crush on none other than John Lennon as a teenager.

Sharon Osbourne was tapped into the music scene from birth. Her father, Don Arden, was a music executive who went on to sign Ozzy’s band Black Sabbath. She met Ozzy in 1971, working as a receptionist for her dad. Considering her proximity to bands, it wasn’t crazily unrealistic that she could cross paths with Lennon one day. But it just wasn’t meant to be, as much as she wished for it.

In an interview with Rachel Ray in 2019, Sharon was asked to write a letter to her 13-year old self. In the letter, she broke the news to her younger self that she would not marry The Beatles icon. Osbourne recently posted a clip from the interview to her Instagram.

“P.S. You’re also not going to marry John Lennon. It’s like, I honestly thought that it was aligned. Because we had the same birthday,” Sharon Osbourne said in the video. “And I thought this is it, you see, we have the same birthday. It’s meant to be. And as soon as he sees me I’m going to be like Priscilla, he’s going to pick me, we’re going to ride off into the sunset.”

So, no John Lennon. But in Ozzy, Sharon ended up with a dark knight in heavy metal armor. A solid compromise, all things considered.

Sharon Osbourne and her Departure from ‘The Talk’

For 11 years, Sharon Osbourne starred on the panel-style talk show “The Talk.” A few months ago, she left the show in a dramatic fashion. Her departure followed a controversy surrounding her defense of Piers Morgan’s comments about the British royal family.

Since she left the show, “The Talk” has seen a big dip in ratings. That’s not to say the decline is entirely due to Sharon Osbourne leaving. Its viewership numbers were already down. But the controversy is definitely not helping matters.

With the free time on her hands, Sharon has reportedly considered bringing back the reality show “The Osbournes.” The original show on MTV was a fan-favorite, and with everything going on in their lives these days, a look into the Osbourne family’s daily life seems viable.