Sharon Osbourne Out at CBS Show ‘The Talk’, Fans Divided Over Decision

by Joe Rutland

Now that news has spread regarding Sharon Osbourne no longer being a part of CBS’s “The Talk,” fans are sharing their opinions.

Some people are happy to see Osbourne, who was let go from the show on Friday, out. Others wish the wife of rock music legend Ozzy Osbourne hadn’t lost her job.

Osbourne was fired after an internal investigation showed a number of instances where she allegedly used racist language. Reportedly, the words were aimed at a hairdresser and two former co-hosts on “The Talk,” Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert.

Reports say that Osbourne received a nearly $10 million buyout of her contract. Neither CBS nor Osbourne would confirm that information on Monday.

Sharon Osbourne Fans Don’t Like What Happened

One Osbourne fan went to Twitter and let the world know he’s done talking about, well, “The Talk.”

Another Twitter fan, Shannon Lanteri, said on Monday, “Sharon Osbourne leaving the show is their biggest loss. Nobody wants to sit & listen to woke controlled narrative stories that have no regard to getting to the truth. Sharon will go on to better things, CBS your show however, I have doubts about. Supporting Sharon & free speech.”

How about another reaction from an Osbourne supporter? Samantha said, “I think you were set up and bullied from the network for this to happen. It is outrageous that a network would set up such bullying against you.”

OK, you have three pro-Osbourne responses that don’t like how things went down.

Non-Osbourne Fans Let Her Know ‘The Talk’ Is Over

What about the other side of the coin? Well, here we go.

One Twitter user had this response to the news about Osbourne.

Another person who goes by ArtsySneakerGeek said, “That racist b—h Sharon Osbourne didn’t suffer any consequences for her actions (as per usual) she received a 10 mil payout. That b—h ain’t even worth 10mil so yall really got played”.

From Twitter user Delonte’, who said, “Why is it making so little noise that Sharon Osbourne was fired AFTER an investigation was done into her behavior? They clearly found that she did something wrong.”

Obviously, fans and detractors of Sharon Osbourne have their own thoughts about the wife of “The Blizzard of Oz” being off TV.

“The Talk” has been on hiatus for two weeks since Osbourne and co-host Cheryl Underwood had a long back-and-forth discussion on the show. Osbourne was defending British talk-show host Piers Morgan after he criticized Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

No word has come down from CBS on when new episodes of “The Talk” will begin to air. Also, no replacement for Osbourne has yet to be named.