Sharon Osbourne Has the Perfect Valentine’s Day Post Celebrating All the ‘Special Love Stories’

by Hannah Heser

Sharon Osbourne joins in on the Valentine’s Day celebration. And she has the best picture that acknowledges all of the special love stories. The picture that she posted on Instagram includes two photos. Together, they create a meme of her and Ozzy Osbourne showing appreciation towards each other… in their unique way.

The first photo shows Ozzy hugging Sharon with the caption, “I adore you, sweetheart.”

As you swipe to the next photo, you’ll see him looking eager to go back to his alone time. The caption reads: “Now fu** off.”

Now, the caption of her post is a little more thoughtful than the photos. She wrote, “It’s not for everyone, but it’s everything to me. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the special love stories!”

Several fans believe that she and Ozzy make an adorable couple. Surely, they have an awesome relationship besides the bad moments. But every relationship gets a little rocky sometimes.

“You and Ozzy make me believe in the power of love,” one user said on Osbourne’s post.

“Love both of you guys and definitely needed a chuckle today lol! Happy V day to you both!” another fan added.

Sharon Osbourne Recently Celebrated Her Granddaughters Birthday

February looks like a busy month for the Osbournes! Recently, Sharon Osbourne celebrated her granddaughter, Minnie’s birthday. This year, Minnie appears to be going through a Star Wars phase, which inspired the theme of the party. Judging by the post, Minnie is certainly happy with the costume and birthday celebration. Don’t you agree?

In the caption of the post, Osbourne wrote a sappy little message to her ray of sunshine. “Happy Birthday little Minnie! One of my biggest joys is being your Nana! Thank you @jackosbourne for the gift.”

But wait a second, because there’s more where that comes from. Most of Osbourne’s 1.1 million followers wished little Minnie a very happy birthday. While Osbourne’s granddaughter is growing up fast, she makes sure to cherish every moment she gets to spend with Minnie. And since Osbourne is all about her family, she gets to see Minnie a lot.

“Awe! Best feeling in the world to be a nanna, but in my case its grandma,” one user said in the comments.

Another fan gave her a lovely compliment on her Star Wars costume. “Happy birthday Minnie! Love the outfit”

The Osbourne Family Tree

Obviously, the Osbournes have a huge family and it’s only going to grow. Sharon Osbourne is married to Ozzy and they have two kids, Jack and Kelly Osbourne.

Jack Osbourne and his ex-wife, Lisa Stelly have three children; Andy, Pearl, and Minnie. But he got engaged to Aimee Osbourne last year (2021) and they are thriving.