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Sharon Osbourne Posts Epic Throwback Snap ‘On Tour with Ozzy in the ’80s’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

Sharon Osbourne shared a look into the early days of her and Ozzy’s relationship with her Twitter followers today. In the caption, Sharon points out that the photo is from a tour stop in the 1980s. It looks like the photo was taken backstage as several other people are milling around what looks like a dressing room.

Whether they are old or new, Sharon Osbourne is comfortable sharing candid shots from her private life with her fans. Not many of them are as cute as this one, though.

“Cute” is not usually what comes to mind when you think of Ozzy “The Prince of Darkness” Osbourne. There aren’t many other words to describe this photo, though.

In the pic, Ozzy is kneeling in front of Sharon Osbourne with his arms around her waist. The expression on his face is nothing short of bliss as he looks up at Sharon. The smile on her face says that she’s just as pleased about being in the embrace as he is. There is probably a healthy amount of gratitude behind Ozzy’s happiness in the moment. Without Sharon, Ozzy wouldn’t be the icon that he is today.

Sharon Osbourne Saved Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne is the reason Ozzy has a solo career. Her father, Don Arden, managed Black Sabbath. When Arden and the band made the decision to fire Ozzy, Sharon stepped in. She saw something special in the booze-soaked heavy metal madman. Not only did she start dating him, but she also started managing his solo career.

Sharon Osbourne facilitated the recruitment of Ozzy’s band. Without Sharon, Ozzy wouldn’t have had legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads at his side. Down the road, she organized the iconic festival tour OzzFest. To say that she was instrumental in making Ozzy who is is today would be an understatement.

Don Arden resented Sharon Osbourne for her decisions. In his eyes, managing Ozzy was bad enough. Dating him, on the other hand, was inexcusable.

He attacked Sharon both verbally and physically and tried everything he could to break up the young couple. As a result of this, Sharon did not speak to her father for twenty years. Instead, she stuck beside Ozzy and built him up as a performer and as a man.

Four decades later Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are married with three kids and a house full of dogs. Their love for one another is evident in just about everything they do together. It just goes to show, sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk to find true happiness.