Sharon Osbourne Reportedly ‘Bitterly Disappointed’ About Her Exit From ‘The Talk’

by Chris Haney

According to reports, The Talk host Sharon Osbourne is “bitterly disappointed” following her recent exit from the daytime talk show.

On Friday, March 26, CBS announced that Osbourne would not rejoin the other hosts of The Talk. The decision followed weeks of controversy after the host publicly defended her friend Piers Morgan. The two Brits have been friends for years. Morgan made comments on-air that could be considered racially insensitive about Meghan Markle following her and Prince Harry‘s recent tell-all interview.

“Sharon is bitterly disappointed at how it all played out,” a source told Us Weekly. “Her whole career has been based on not holding back, speaking her mind and championing free speech. So to be classified or perceived as a bigot or a racist is a sickening scenario and an utter nightmare for her. Especially since she insists up and down it’s all a pack of lies and that’s the last thing she is.”

The former X Factor judge has tried to stay positive about the situation. In addition, Osbourne has surrounded herself with loved ones with many telling her she’ll “bounce back 10 times stronger.”

“Her family is supporting her too and it tears them all apart seeing her suffer like this,” the source added. “They think it’s a big stitch-up and she’s been hung out to dry for something she hasn’t done or believed in.”

Sharon Osbourne Is ‘Taking a Breather’ For Now

On March 10, during an episode of The Talk, Osbourne shared thoughts in defense of Morgan’s perceived racist statement. The host’s comments prompted a back and forth exchange with her co-host Sheryl Underwood.

While Osbourne defended Morgan and her own claims on-air, Underwood disagreed with the host’s stance. Underwood said to Osbourne, “To not want to address that [Markle] is a Black woman and to try to dismiss it or to make it seem less than what it is, that’s what makes it racist.”

Following the on-air disagreement between the two hosts, The Talk went on an unplanned break from TV. In addition, the show launched an internal investigation into the matter. Other former co-hosts, including actresses Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, have both criticized Osbourne. Each made allegations against the host, saying that they heard Osbourne make insensitive comments while working with her on the show.

“She knows some people will now hate her forever no matter what,” the source explained. “Plus in many respects, she’ll have to start from scratch once the whole mess dies down. She’s decided to take a breather for a while and see where the chips fall once the dust settles. In the meantime, she’s distraught and angry, trying to digest this tornado that’s come from nowhere and turned her life upside down.”