Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Considering Reviving ‘Osbournes’ Reality Show After ‘The Talk’ Exit

by Emily Morgan

Sharon Osbourne may have closed the door on “The Talk,” but it looks like she may not be done entirely with TV. Just one month after Osbourne left the talk show, the British TV personality reportedly wants to return to another reality TV project. 

Per The Sun’s reporting, Osbourne is reportedly considering bringing back “The Osbournes,” the popular MTV series that showcased her life with Ozzy Osbourne and their children from 2002 to 2005. While Osbourne has not made any public remarks about the show’s revival, The Sun reports that several production companies have approached her to pitch her ideas for bringing the show back. 

According to one source, “many production companies are keen to have an updated version of their reality show,” adding that “the interest in her remains sky-high” following her dramatic exit from “The Talk.”

Moreso, Sharon Osbourne is reportedly open to a reboot with the source claiming that she is “open to talks” and “is ready to go again for the right deal, absolutely.” 

Sharon Osbourne Considering Reality TV Series Revival

According to a spokesperson for Osbourne, “We will announce future projects at the appropriate time.” Although her team was careful not to reveal too much, a source claimed, “the way things are going, a revival looks pretty strong. It is closer than ever to returning to our screens.”

In the original series, viewers saw the Osbourne clan as they navigated life in Los Angeles after moving from the U.K. The source admitted that a new version of the show would come as the show nears its 20th anniversary in 2022. 

Although decades have passed, “the family are just as wild as ever, and would be captivating viewing” and “after all this time away, bringing the show would be hugely popular.”

While it’s yet to be confirmed, one thing is for sure: there will be plenty of topics for the family to cover. The source noted that the series would give Sharon Osbourne a chance to say what she wants” regarding her recent departure from “The Talk.”

The revival would also come at the same time, Ozzy Osbourne embarks “out on tour next summer, so this could be good promotion from him as well.” 

Their two adult children, Kelly and Jack, also have plenty in their lives and careers. The source added, “the signs have never been stronger than a return is happening. A deal is closer than ever.”