Sharon Osbourne Reveals Her Hilarious ‘Side Hustle’ in Fun New Photo

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

On Wednesday (October 20th), former The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne took to her Instagram to share what her current “side hustle” is. 

“Side Hustle: i’m the bouncer at the base of my own stairs,” Sharon Osbourne captioned the post, which features her posing on a stairwell. 

The snapshot of Sharon Osbourne’s hilarious “side hustle” comes just one week after the former talk show host spilled some tea about her time on The Talk. During her explosive interview on SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, Osbourne revealed why she believes she was fired from the hit daytime talk show. 

 “I wanted to know who decided to do this,” Sharon Osbourne explained. “Why I was left out to dry [on the show] for 20 minutes. I want to know why.”

Sharon Osbourne then recalled accusing CBS of selectively choosing certain people to speak to during its investigation into the situation. “It came back that I was very offensive. The way my behavior [was].” 

Sharon Osbourne goes on to admit that she told The Talk’s HR that some “dirt” had gone on that she knew about. “And they were afraid of me because I’m not afraid to say what I feel. And they just wanted me gone. Because when I started talking about things that had gone on on the show before, they got very, very nervous.”

Sharon Osbourne had been one of the original co-hosts of The Talk. The daytime talk show premiered on October 18, 2010. It has 12 seasons and more than 2,000 episodes. The current co-hosts are Jerry O’Connell, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots, and recently joined Natalie Morales. 

Sheryl Underwood Reveals Why She Didn’t Respond to Sharon Osbourne’s Text Messages Following ‘The Talk’ Fallout 

Sheryl Underwood previously revealed why she didn’t respond to Sharon Osbourne’s text messages after the well-known fallout on The Talk stage this past spring.

Osbourne and Underwood were involved in the argument. The co-hosts were discussing Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan Markle. Osbourne notably stood up for Morgan, who happens to be her friend. Underwood disagreed with Osbourne and Morgan. The discussion turned and accusations of racism flew. Days later, Osbourne departed from the show. 

According to People, Underwood recalled the tough conversation and how she never wanted to escalate things with her former co-host. “I thought I was having a conversation with a friend. But also I knew I had to be an example.”

Underwood also stated that she tried to remain calm and focused while having the discussion with Sharon Osbourne.  In regards to the text messages, Underwood said she didn’t respond to Sharon Osbourne’s messages to her due to the investigation by CBS. “I want to clear something up. There was a discussion about Sharon and I communicating with each other.”

At the time, Underwood stated she hadn’t spoken to Osbourne and did not have a phone call, missed, or received that she can find in her phone from the former co-host.