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Sharon Osbourne Rings in New Year With New Photo of Ozzy Osbourne

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia )

It looks like the Osbournes are settling comfortably into the new year. In a recent Instagram post, Sharon shared a photo of metal legend Ozzy Osbourne contently relaxing with a happy pup in the crook of his arm.

The Prince of Darkness embodies the energy we’re striving for in the coming year. He seems fully relaxed at the moment and his pup looks just as happy.

If anyone has earned some time to kick back and relax, it’s Ozzy Osbourne. In 2020, he released an album that topped charts in several countries. Also, he filmed a season of a paranormal video television show with Jack and Sharon Osbourne. Just yesterday he announced that he was in the studio working on a new album. That means he must have spent a chunk of time in 2020 writing songs. The Godfather of Metal has had his nose to the grindstone for the last year.

All of this after a musical career that helped define genres of music and mold generations of fans and fellow musicians.

An Argument for Why Ozzy Osbourne is Essentially the Willie Nelson of Metal

On the surface, you wouldn’t think there would be many parallels to be drawn between the Red-Haired Stranger and the Prince of Darkness. You could make some pretty solid comparisons, though.

Firstly, their impact on music has been enormous. Where Willie Nelson was one of the originators of Outlaw Country, Ozzy Osbourne fronted the band that arguably invented heavy metal. When they started on their genre-defining paths, their sounds weren’t the “in” thing. Outlaw country was a reaction to the over-produced Nashville sound. Black Sabbath’s music went against the grain of the hippie tunes of their time.

Their both still performing and their styles haven’t changed much over time. At the same time, several current performers are building on Nelson and Osbourne’s styles to this day. Willie Nelson’s influence can be heard all over country music. Black Sabbath pretty much invented the subgenre of doom metal.

Secondly, they are both household names. They transcended music to become pop culture icons. Their fame spans and unites generations. Not only did they surpass their peers in fame but they also overtook their own bandmates in that department. For instance, if you’re not a big fan of the music, you probably wouldn’t know who Geezer Butler or Dan “Bee” Spears are. Willie Nelson and Ozzy, on the other hand, you know probably know. Butler and Spears were bassists for Black Sabbath and Willie Nelson’s band, respectively.

The comparisons go on, but those are the most prominent. In the end, the legend has definitely earned the right to kick back and soak up some pup cuddles.