Sharon Osbourne Slams Her Former ‘The Talk’ Showrunners

by Madison Miller

Sharon Osbourne and “The Talk” had a huge falling out back in March. Despite that being several months ago, Osbourne is still opening up about the entire situation.

For a refresher, CBS announced the departure of Osbourne from the popular talk show back on March 26. The decision to cut Osbourne off “The Talk” was due to a controversial conversation that occurred on the show. She defended her friend Piers Morgan over comments he made regarding the royal family on an episode that aired on March 10.

CBS claimed that her behavior “did not align with our values,” according to People. She has since issued several statements regarding CBS’ decision and her time on “The Talk.” In addition, she was also accused of racist and homophobic comments, as well as bullying on the show, but she denied that.

Sharon Osbourne Discusses ‘The Talk’ Drama

More allegations continue to come out regarding former comments Osbourne may have had. Now, Sharon Osbourne spoke about the ongoing issue during an interview with Megyn Kelly on her Sirius XM show. She called out Amy Reisenbach, the head of CBS Daytime, as well as the two “The Talk” showrunners, Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews.

“They were friends of mine, especially Kristin Matthews. And I told them that they’ve destroyed me. I told them I will never be able to get over this. It’s like, once you have that seed put on you, that you are a racist, it never goes away. I told them they destroyed me,” Sharon Osbourne said during the interview.

She specifically mentioned the allegations that claim she is a racist. Both from defending controversial comments from Piers Morgan as well as alleged inappropriate and racist comments at work.

Sharon Osbourne Blames Co-Hosts and Showrunners

She also blamed Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth for their “roles” in getting her off the show. She claims that the longtime friends “know I’m not a racist.” She also said that Underwood was acting like a “journalist” during the segment rather than a “co-host and a friend.”

“I think that the showrunners were doing what Amy had told them to do. Weak, weak women, that didn’t have a backbone to turn around and say, ‘This is suicidal. We can’t do this.’ And to let it go after the break, so it was 20 minutes on national TV of bashing me. Twenty minutes … They just – it blindsided me,” Osbourne also said.

Osbourne also played a clip of Welteroth apologizing to her backstage after it all went down. Shortly after the apology, she allegedly went to HR about Osbourne. “And right after that she was in my dressing room, she went to HR and complained about me. So talk about hypocritical. Her, her makeup artist, and her hairdresser all went to HR and complained.”

At the end of the day, Osbourne seems to be putting most of the blame over on the showrunners. She said, “These people that run these networks, especially one that was failing, they are desperate to keep their jobs. They are desperate, in these times we live in, to be perceived as more than woke.”