Sharon Osbourne: What is Her Net Worth?

by Keeli Parkey

Sharon Osbourne was just fired as a host of “The Talk.” However, according to one website, the celebrity host and wife of a famous rock star should be just fine from a financial perspective.

Based on figures shared by, the wife of rock star Ozzy Osbourne is worth an estimated $220 million. She earned some of her wealth while working as her famous husband’s manager. Later on, their reality show “The Osbournes” and her other television shows added to her financial success.

Let’s take a look at Sharon Osbourne’s career. According to the website, she was born on Oct. 9, 1952, in London, England.

One thing that helped her on her way to fame – and earning millions of dollars – was her father. Sharon’s father was Don Arden. He worked as a famous music promoter. He was also an instrumental figure in the music community in England.

In fact, he was the manager of Ozzy Osbourne’s band Black Sabbath. However, according to the website, Arden fired Ozzy when Sharon was 27 years old. So, what did she do? She helped Ozzy Osbourne become a solo artist.

Sharon Helped Ozzy with His Solo Career

To do this, she had to help her future husband form another group of musicians into a band. After that, Sharon reportedly helped Ozzy with the details for recording the first album he released as a singular artist. That album was titled “Blizzard of Ozz.” And, it went on to sell more than six million copies.

With that success, Sharon Osbourne became even more involved with Ozzy’s career. And, she started to represent all the members of his band as Ozzy and company released another album. This album was called “Diary of a Madman.”

Also according to, Sharon Osbourne helped Ozzy become a very, very successful solo artist. She helped him release 12 albums since she became his manager.

Her success with Ozzy allowed Sharon to work with other artists. She even formed the Sharon Osbourne Management company in order to work with these artists. Her client list reportedly includes bands such as Queen, Motorhead, and The Smashing Pumpkins. In addition to these and other bands, she also worked as the manager of her children’s careers. Her children are Kelly and Jack Osbourne.

Television came calling for Sharon and the entire Osbourne family in the early 2000s. They had their reality show, then Sharon went on to “The Sharon Osbourne Show.” Sharon has also appeared in other television shows during her career.

Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Getting Millions from Buyout as She Leaves ‘The Talk’

While Sharon Osbourne is facing a lot of controversy these days, she will be leaving her job on “The Voice” with millions of dollars.

According to reports, Osbourne was given a $10 million buyout as she left the CBS show. Exact details of the reported buyout had not been released as of Monday (March 29).

Osbourne’s exit from the show was reportedly prompted by repeated racist comments she has made. The list of incidents allegedly includes an exchange with Cheryl Underwood. Underwood is another host on “The Voice.”