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Sharon Osbourne Wishes Granddaughter Minnie Happy Birthday

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne has once again graced us with pictures of her family. This time, she shared a snap of her granddaughter, Minnie. The occasion? Minnie’s birthday. The dress code? Star Wars-themed costumes, apparently. The picture, shared on Instagram, shows Minnie dressed up as a popular character from the Star Wars franchise. She’s holding part of her costume down so that her smile is visible to the camera (and to Sharon Osbourne’s 1 million Instagram followers).

“Happy Birthday little Minnie! One of my biggest joys is being your Nana! Thank you @jackosbourne for the gift,” Osbourne wrote.

The comments were filled with friends and fans wishing her granddaughter a happy birthday. Other comments focused on how being a nana (or grandma, as one fan is called) is the best thing in the world. It’s clear that many people in the comments felt the same way, and were happy to share that joy with the star. “Sharon, grandchildren are our gift for surviving our own kids! lol I love being a Nana! Happy Birthday, sweet Minnie!,” joked one Instagram user. “Being a Nana Is Everything Good,” another fan commented. “Having grandkids is everything,” said yet another.

One thing’s for sure, Sharon Osbourne loves her family dearly. From the looks of the comments, so do her fans.

Sharon Loves Sharing News About Her Son, Jack Osbourne

The star often shares pictures and updates about her family, but her son Jack has been in the spotlight recently. At the end of 2021, he got engaged to his girlfriend, Aree Gearhart. Of course, for the special occasion, Sharon Osbourne made sure to share a picture of them together on social media, sparkly engagement ring included.

“Ozzy and I couldn’t be happier and more proud of our son Jack’s engagement to Aree Gearhart,” Sharon Osbourne shared. “We are so blessed to have Aree as part of our family and we wish them a lifetime of love, light and happiness.” Jack and Aree both went on to share their own social media announcements with their friends and fans. Overall, it seems like the entire family is happy about this union and ready to officially welcome Aree to the Osbourne clan.

Part of what makes Aree so special is her dedication to Jack’s kids. He has three children with his ex-wife. When announcing his engagement to her, Jack made sure to point that out. “Her step-mom skills make my heart so full,” he wrote. “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.” Overall, it looks like Jack’s kids, Minnie included, have a lot of love from the Osbourne women (and the soon-to-be Osbourne women). A happy birthday, indeed.