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Short Round Actor Ke Huy Quan Posts Epic ‘Indiana Jones’ Reunion Picture

by Craig Garrett
Ke Huy Quan and Steven Spielberg
(Photo by Christopher Polk/NBC via Getty Images)

Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan posted a touching moment from his recent big night at the Academy Awards alongside an epic throwback picture. Of course, Quan made his big screen debut as Short Round alongside Harrison Ford in 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The film also starred Kate Capshaw, who would eventually marry director Steven Spielberg.

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At this year’s 95th Academy Awards, Quan was able to meet up with Spielberg and Capshaw after almost four decades since his acting debut. He shared an honest account of their Indiana Jones reunion on Instagram that moved followers everywhere.

The image Quan posted is two-fold. One half is from the recent Academy Awards, and he’s joined by Spielberg and Capshaw on each side of him. The other snapshot is a behind-the-scenes moment from the Indy film, with Spielberg and a much younger Quan on each side of Capshaw.

“Reuniting with Kate Capshaw 39 yrs later has made my Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom reunion complete,” Quan wrote. “Until this day, I still feel bad about giving Kate a real black eye when we filmed the mine cart scene. Kate, Steven, and I had a good laugh when we caught up at the Oscars. Having my first movie family sharing in this very special night made the evening even more memorable. This feels like such a full-circle moment.”

Quan also bumped into another Indy alum at the Oscars

The Goonies star also pointed out another Indiana Jones-related reunion he had at the ceremony that night. “It was also such a treat to chat with the legendary John Williams. Steven reminded me that I have my own Short Round theme composed by the legend himself. He asked if I remembered (OF COURSE I DID), and we both simultaneously started humming the theme together. Steven remembered every single note, and it just made me love the man even more.”

Could Ke Huy Quan pop up in the next Indiana Jones film?

This year, Ford will grace the silver screen once more as his iconic archeologist in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – a movie supposedly marking his final farewell. Fans have been eagerly hoping for Quan’s Short Round to return in the recent outing, especially with John Rhys-Davies’ Sallah already making an appearance. The acclaimed actor is in the midst of a spellbinding Hollywood resurgence, making it only fitting to include Short Round in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

Despite overwhelming fan support for Quan to return to the role (or even land his own Disney+ series), it seems unlikely. The filming of the 5th Indiana Jones adventure has already ended. However, it’s not out of the question that Quan and Ford could shoot a quick scene to be included in the completed film before its release this summer. Here’s hoping.