Should ‘Chicago PD’ Fans Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Adam Ruzek?

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Season nine of the hit NBC drama Chicago PD is well underway, but fans who have grown attached to Adam Ruzek’s character may want to prepare themselves.

If you recall, Ruzek was not featured on the Season 9 premiere posters ahead of the show’s return this fall. Remember, because of the events that transpired towards the end of season eight, it made sense that Adam could indeed leave Chicago PD. Especially when you consider his relationship with Kim on the show who suffered the serious injury that made fans start to wonder about Adam’s future on the show to begin with.

Ruzek rightfully wonders what lies ahead for him on Chicago PD, and fans wondered as well.

The relationship with Kim is what fans must remember when thinking about his future on the program. He told Hello Magazine, “Ruzek really wants to step up and he’s realizing that being in the police isn’t all there is.” His character is just evolving from what it was when we first met him all the way back in season one. He is not leaving the show, but the character that you remember from earlier seasons is unlikely to be the character you see in later seasons. Things change. People change. Traumatic events like the one he experienced changes a person and changed his priorities. This does not mean he still can’t be on the show going forward.

Chicago PD and Adam Ruzek

According to GiveMeMyRemote he said of his character and relationship with Kim on Chicago PD, “It’s always been my belief—and I don’t know if the writers share the same vision—that he has been in love with her and he wanted to marry her,” Flueger says. “And just because he was nervous [back when they were together], and it was coming out in weird ways, didn’t mean he didn’t actually want to marry her.”

This makes sense. This is the long-term development for the Ruzek character. It seems like it will be less about the actual police work, and more about what actually matters. His priorities have changed. Crazy circumstances that his character has faced will do that to a person. Ruzek is not going anywhere on the show because there is still a lot more story left when it comes to him and Kim and what’s next. How does he balance the job and his personal life? Can he get over Sal’s betrayal? How does her work in the Intelligence Unit with everything that has transpired over the last several seasons? Ruzek has been an early-season staple of the hit drama on NBC, and he is not going anywhere. He just has his eyes on different things now and his priorities have shifted. This is an interesting direction for his character to go.

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